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Anna Sugai and Jsu Garcia with John Morton at the MSIA Connect event, Conference 2022

The Traveler Laughs in Our Hearts at the Conference of Joy, Fun and Laughter Online

What a glorious, giggly, and grace-filled Conference this year! Like never before, we connected to the Traveler, the one who laughs in our hearts. In-person and through all kinds of electronic devices around the world, we experienced our divine oneness powerfully, sweetly, and with such Hu-mor. I am still smiling inside and out in happy, grateful remembrance.

How wonderful to have Conference from Prana, the Home of the Traveler, reverberating the peace and joy to all of us online from that most special place!

I loved seeing everyone gathering together, enjoying the chance to connect in-person while we connected through our screens, knowing the eternal loving connections we have inside always. I felt right at home, remembering the times I visited Prana in person, enjoying the powerful light and loving energy that is like nowhere else. As I danced from my home along with everyone, I felt our closeness, hugging one another inside, and embracing Planet Earth with our love and light.

From Wednesday’s Gathering of Peacemakers

through MSIA Connect

PTS Graduation

the Conference Open Event

and on through Monday’s Blessingsfest, we welcomed giggles and belly laughs, seemingly long overdue during these trying times. It was so great to hear the range of funny stories from all over the world. We discovered time and again how, even in deeply challenging situations, the joy is always present. What a precious experience of being in the funny now and looking forward to more of the funny later!

I found it especially delightful to have jokes pop up whenever and however, bringing our awareness to the fun always present and available. Sometimes laughs came from our wonderful facilitators sharing terrific jokes that John-Roger, the Founder of MSIA, told years ago. Sometimes giggles came gently or surprisingly from our participants while sharing with John Morton at Prana and on-line. Often, the joy bubbled up during John-Roger’s & John Morton’s seminars and in the simple Hu-man ways we all worked and played together. I so appreciated the acceptance, cooperation, and freedom as heartfelt smiles came forward in Spirit’s perfect ways and timing.

By the way, here’s a joke:

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Spell who?


Throughout Conference, I felt especially moved hearing the Ani Hu chant live from Prana. What a gift of harmonious joy from the sound of loving hearts gathered in-person!

I was deeply touched by our living Traveler, John Morton, generously sharing with us all, taking our many questions, and helping us open to the joyful truth inside. I am grateful for the reminders to practice what we know to support our learning, growth, and joyous upliftment – – – read our Discourses, listen to Soul Awareness Teachings, and do our spiritual exercises. I appreciated John’s gentle, wise, and loving ways of helping us choose to be dedicated to our soul while allowing for the silly and fun in our joyful journey of Soul Transcendence. How blessed we are to have these Teachings and this Traveler enduring and holding for us all with a welcome smile and twinkle in his eye!

Many of the Conference events are available via recordings online at, the most wonderful, generous source of MSIA Teachings available! I am a grateful subscriber, and I am already enjoying tuning back in and reconnecting with my beloved spiritual family. The joy, fun, and laughter continue to grow and blossom in my heart of hearts where I am one with God and all.

In closing:

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Weed who?

Weed better go for the Traveler’s joy, fun, and laughter because the blessings already are!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this big, beautiful, belly-laughing Conference the Best Blessed Conference Ever!

Baruch Bashan

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