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Andreina Garban receiving the Minister of the Year award via Zoom at MSIA Conference 2022

The Joy of Being a Minister — A Sharing from 2022 Minister of the Year Andreina Garban

Little did I know when I was ordained what a beautiful journey it would be to fully embrace my blessing as a minister. During that moment, I laughed so much: What are all these people are doing around me? Why are they holding their hands on my head? And even when they were not touching me, I could feel a powerful tingling in my body and I couldn’t help the giggles. What was going on? I couldn’t understand with my mind, but the surrendering was sweet and my heart was trusting joyfully.

Being an MSIA Minister has been the most exhilarating, challenging, beautiful, expansive, wonderful and rewarding experience; just like the very first day with J-R touching my shoulder, the actions of my blessing have shown up as an invitation to know God, to experience God in greater ways, to manifest the action of the Christ on this earth. How is that possible? I do know that we – as ministers – can do a great deal just by holding the Light; but also, there is a greater deal when I step up to volunteer for the Spirit. And that’s when the adventure begins.

That’s what I love the most about being a minister:  perhaps it’s not about being comfortable and sending Light from home, but being ready for what needs to be done and allowing the Spirit to guide me. And as my ministerial blessing states: It is perfect and always in harmony. It’s not about me. It’s not about what I would like to do or how easy it is to hold the Light from home. It’s about going into those places where the Light is needed and preparing myself to receive the gift of God’s work. Because even in difficult times, being a minister allows me to find the most beautiful blessings in disguise. Clearer. Stronger. I always smile because I live in an country in which the word challenge can be sometimes an understatement; but this is what I have learned: Chaos begins with CH. As in CHRIST. So the Christ is always present. In all ways. And if I keep trusting God’s plan, then I’m co-creating with God as my best partner.

After being ordained I couldn’t fully understand the deep meaning of what was being given to me in that moment; although my heart fully agreed. The discipline of renewing that “contract”, that agreement, was not always the easiest for me (even though it could be the easiest and simplest!); but that was part of committing again and again, allowing more of God in my life. The times I struggled with “no, I’m not going to do it this time” because my ego wanted to do it its way, always ended up in God bringing me the choice of “there is so much more available to you. And that will always be your choice.” God never disappoints me! And I keep trusting God.

I don’t know if nowadays I fully understand my blessing. I do know I have embraced it with joy, as a compass in my life: It takes me to where I need to be. The joy of service, the joy of being available to and for God anytime, the exquisite bliss of having God as my boss! Is there anything better than that? I don’t think so! Now I know I don’t need to “understand” with my mind, but allowing my heart to be ready. God is always present and God is always what’s next!

The reward as a Minister of the Year at Conference 2022 was the biggest and mind blowing surprise ever! For sure I was not expecting it. And what does it mean being a Minister of the Year? Well, that’s part of the adventure and also a greater responsibility: My blessing is being reinforced and there is more to do in this world. God keeps being my best partner, the greatest boss and J-R once again touches my shoulder and says: “This time there is no need to get out of the room to do nametags, this time you belong here.” I am deeply moved and grateful, not for the reward but because in the beautiful simplicity of my ministerial blessing I have found the purest joy, the greater opportunity to see the face of God in everything and everyone and to know that I am indeed a blessed child of God.

Thank you from my heart to all of yours!

“This blessing comes like a bursting form with great change in your consciousness, for the way of the Traveler is radical in terms of this world. In terms of the Spirit, it is perfect and always in harmony. Learn the signs of the Spirit. The way is the Loving, the Truth of the Heart. Tune to the Heart. Be a disciple of Loving, of the Christ… and let Truth be your guide.”  February 8, 1987 

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Being a Minister — A Sharing from 2022 Minister of the Year Andreina Garban”

  1. Hi Andreina, thank you again so much for your heartfelt service to all of us, ministers and initiates in MSIA. Your dedication is so well deserved my friend. John Morton, John-Roger, and all of us in MSIA are just so proud of you for this beautiful minister of the year at Conference 2022 award. I am blessed to have you as a friend. I was born to be with you and I am here to serve with you. Venezuela is just so grateful that they have you as a guiding light of love. Congratulations again my friend.

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