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2022 Minister of the Year Vitaly Fomin receiving the award via Zoom at Conference 2022

Gratitude from 2022 Minister of the Year Vitaly Fomin

My beloved friends, once again I want to thank all of you for your acknowledgement. It’s an honor for me to be a part of this wonderful loving family. When I did my Insight IV in LA in 1998 (Leslie Boyer was a Lead Facilitator on it) I came up with the purpose of my heart which is: “Loving Service.” Loving service: to God, to the world, to people and to myself. Just because that seminar was about “The Manifesting of the Purpose of your Heart,” I decided to do my best to fulfill that purpose.

Later on I created my “Treasure Map” during Leadership training with Terri Tillman in London. So, I put the vision of my Mission on that Map by using colorful pictures from magazines, etc. I’m sure you all know how to do it! After five years I decided to make a new ‘Map’, but at this time I’ve made it by putting on it real pictures from my life. So, I did a copy of the original map as evidence of how that creative tool works. All I’ve been dreaming about actually happened!

In 2003 I decided to read the Discourses. Then I went to MSIA Conference in July (right after Insight Conference) in LA. By the way, Paul Kaye was presenting the book he co-authored with J-R  “Momentum:  Letting Love Lead” that year, and I was participating in that workshop as well, which was very sweet and useful for me. I met J-R and John personally during the Conference and John invited me to the Blessings Fest brunch in Santa Monica. That was such a gift for me! After that, I came back home and shared with my wife and my friends in the Insight office about my experience during MSIA Conference. I said to them: “I commit to study the Traveler’s teaching and invite you to join me on that pathway.” So, they did!

In April 2007 I had my first Initiation and Ordination during the Minister’s meeting on Monday at  Prana (Laren Bright did them). After that I came back to USM, because I’d been observing Insight I seminars with Stu Semigran in order to do the final of Monday evening of that seminar. And after we finished the evening I couldn’t sleep because the Light energy raised me so high! So, I decided to walk around Santa Monica. I remember very clearly the state of my consciousness at that evening. That was so High and so Clear! I was watching people who were passing by and got the feeling inside that I knew everything about them. It’s like: I clearly know their history… I know their past, present and future. I know who they are, where they are from, what they are doing in life and so on… I was so confident, clear and calm. I just knew what I know. What a Great Consciousness! I would like to experience that kind of consciousness more often.

Anyway, those are a of couple of my stories. I have many of them. Ups and downs. Including disappointments, frustrations, pain and losing faith… and, of course, love, hope, happiness, friendship, joy, fun and laughter! And the main thing that I’ve learned from my experience is all I need to do is keep going no matter what. Step by step. Do my best. Using all the tools that I’ve learned in day-by-day life. Practice, Practice, Practice…

And now I want to acknowledge all of my loving friends and teachers who were sharing of their wisdom and supporting me through all those years. Thank you all! Thank you Travelers!

And especial thanks to my beautiful wife who was tender, loving, caring and supporting during 31 years and actually brought me on my very first Insight seminar which opened up for me the wonderful adventure called “My Life.”

Thank you again for being part of my family.

With loving service,


2 thoughts on “Gratitude from 2022 Minister of the Year Vitaly Fomin”

  1. Zanya Biviano

    Dearest beloved Vitaly,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts of your ministry.
    We met at the first PAT in Bulgaria. Your joy and laughter, your compassion, courage and strength is surely very inviting and uplifting
    Thank you for being part of our loving MSIA family.
    Blessings and liberation to all

    Zanya Biviano

  2. Hi Vitaly, thank you again so much for all you have done in MSIA my friend. John Morton, John-Roger, and all of us in MSIA are just so proud of you on receiving this beautiful Conference 2022 minister of the year award. I am blessed to have you as a friend. I am born to be with you and I am here to serve with you. Russia is just so proud to have you as a guiding light of love. Congratulations once again my friend.

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