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Spiritual Exercises – My Safe Harbour

Doing Spiritual Exercises (se’s) in a group of ministers and initiates is a very healing and powerful experience.  I can never get enough of se’s. Since Jsu Garcia had invited folks to join his daily programme of doing Spiritual Exercises (se’s)  and the Luxor meditation on Zoom, I have been joining in as often as possible. Recently there were 48 people online, and when the Luxor meditation started playing the energy of Light poured in and I felt called to share about it.

Over the  years I have been doing se’s daily, I only remember one time when I was moving home and I did not do them. I have had my dry patches when nothing seemed to occur, and had months when all that seemed to happen was the content of my mind and emotions were spilling forth. Then another very long period where nothing seemed to be going on at all. My love for J-R held me through some tough times.

There is Light at the end of the tunnel. My inner knowing has shown me this many, many times. It is such an individual process which is not like any other.  There were times when I was tempted not to do them, and there were tests along the way, however I was wise enough to know better.

Se’s have become my safe harbour where I go to renew, let go and re-attune to the higher consciousness. God bless J-R and John.

Thanks to Jsu for providing a space for group se’s and satsang.

P.S. There is no wrong way to do se’s.

Baruch Bashan,

Nathalie Franks

6 thoughts on “Spiritual Exercises – My Safe Harbour”

  1. caroline khambatta

    Thanks Nathalie, its such a personal think and I appreciate you sharing your experience without providing details that might lead to my ego thinking I’m doing it wrong . Thanks Jsu, it’s a great energy as a group. Caroline x

  2. Natalie, well said and thanks. I’ve been doing SEs since I was 18. (Like Bob Dylan, “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.”) They’ve always been the most creative part of my life. They are only blah if I bring blah. If I show up anew, they are infinitely rewarding.

  3. Nathalie, thanks for your heartfelt sharing – a good reminder that even when we do SEs most every day, there are just periods when nothing seems to be ‘happening’.

  4. Thanks Nathalie for your heartfelt sharing – a reminder that even when we do SEs most every day, there are some periods when nothing seems to be happening.

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