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Marcos Cajina, Leigh Taylor-Young Morton and Moira Palfy Gallagher in Madrid (photo shared by John Morton)

The Light Is Present: The Traveler in Spain

John Morton’s arrival was a focus of Light and love for our community.  It was only four days with them but they were four days full of learning, love and affection, and they left their mark.

In addition to the MSIA services, private sessions with the Traveler, initiations, ministerial ordinations and the Q & A with the Traveler event — for which the entire fellowship is very grateful — we had other more worldly activities.

On Sunday we went to a city that John and Leigh like very much which is Toledo.  First we went to the Parador de Toledo where you can see a spectacular panoramic view of the city and then we went for lunch.  Eating in Spain must not be easy for the Traveler because everything is cooked with garlic and onions, so in the end he always ends up eating beef or lamb and a salad.

Toledo is a city with a long history since Roman times, so after lunch we went to visit several beautiful and ancient places among which were:

– Cathedral of Toledo.

– Synagogue of Santa Maria La Blanca.

– Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes.

– Bridge of Alcántara.

– Alcazar.

– Church of Santo Tomé

It is wonderful to be able to visit such unique places with our travelers, what better gift than this 😊.

Another day, we went with the Traveler and staff to dinner at a place with a flamenco show.  Leigh was excited because she knew the owner from her time as an actress when she was younger.  Also the show is really worth seeing, it’s impressive how they tap their heels on the stage.  Marcos organized everything for days because there were a lot of directions we had to sort through and he had to discuss prices with the restaurant.

After dinner we took pictures with the flamenco dancers and then walked to the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, a square that has been rebuilt and renovated several times after having suffered 3 fires in its long history.  John Morton asked for a blessing for this place and for the people of Madrid. We prayed with him.

John’s presence alone means a lot.  He is our guide to get in touch with our own being and to know that God is present, God loves us, guides us and is our partner.  John taught us that saying the words “the Light is present” out loud, makes our basic self hear it and this makes us feel the Light, the divinity and God more present in us.

John was supporting the Community with his Light and his words even though he was not feeling very well physically.  He wanted to give everything for us until we suggested that he had to take care of himself and rest to recover sooner.

When they left for France, Marcos and I felt a void in our hearts.

We love you John.

I am so grateful that John, Leigh and all the staff came to see all of us.  It has renewed my strength and faith in God, my spiritual life and MSIA.

Many blessings to the Traveler, to Leigh and the whole team.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!,

Moira from Spain

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  1. Spain is a marvelous country, full of history, fantastic food and drink, music, beaches, there seems to be always time to celebrate and chat with friends and loved ones. Viva España

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