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Clearing Karma Through Rereading Soul Awareness Discourses

“Some people think they are finished when they have read all twelve Discourses for the year. But if you continue rereading them, they become extremely powerful to lift stuff from the body.” – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the New Day Herald in 2005.  It can be a wonderful practice to take up at the start of a new year.

I’ve long suggested that people reread their Soul Awareness Discourses because each time you reread a past Discourse, you clear different things.

Discourses are spiritually charged by the Traveler Consciousness, and the power that holds the words is what’s important, not the words themselves. You read Discourses, and the energy fields come up again; then they go down inside of you, and they start to clear new levels in your consciousness. And the more and longer you’re reading, the more levels the energy is going to go into.

The first two years of being in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) are usually “hell” for people because your study really starts to bring the junk out. And when you’re in MSIA for about ten years, it gets to be pretty good because nothing much is happening. Then the law of reversibility kicks in, and away you go again.

You see, you have had millions of years of existence on various planets (not necessarily in this universe, but even before this universe), and you’re responsible for all of that. I’m not. It may sound overwhelming, but it really isn’t because you can’t get to all of your karma anyway. You have to get to it piecemeal. Then, when you get it under a Traveler, the Traveler gives you special attention and protection so that you can dissolve karma like soapsuds in a soap dish.

Relatively speaking, you are going to be on this planet for just a few short years, and then you’re going to go see all the big rocks that have to be busted that are your karmic pile for this life that didn’t get done. Then you’re going to come to me about this, and I’m going to say, “Look, I told it to you. Now read the Discourse where I told it to you.” I can play a tape or look at a Discourse and show you where I said it to you; it’ll be an I-told-you-so session. But, like everything I say, either test it to see if it’s true or test it to see if it’s false. But don’t ignore it.

Some people think they are finished when they have read all twelve Discourses for the year. But if you continue rereading them, they become extremely powerful to lift stuff from the body. Some people just go and pick up a Discourse, open it, turn to a page, and right there is exactly what they need; they start using that information, and their situation clears. Some people write and ask me why I didn’t tell them it was there, and I just tell them, “Listen, if you’d gone to that page and read it when you were supposed to, you would have had the information.”

Keeping on schedule with your Discourse reading will increase your ability to reach deeper inside of you and remove karmic blocks, which the Discourses help you locate. For example, reading or hearing about the Twin Towers falling created shock in many people, and some people started creating karmic blocks from that. Discourses can hit those blocks, and the blocks can start surfacing and releasing.

And as you reread the Discourses you have already read, this will help prepare you to guard yourself when other occurrences come up, occurrences you have gone through before. It’s like taking off layer after layer of an onion. The very core is misguidance towards God, and this is usually materiality—making some thing (like your car, your job, etc.) God. At the same time, we have accrued so much karmic stuff that it’s hard to get through it, and the Discourses help you do that. Some karmas are like cement or granite. The Discourses are like a sledgehammer that can help the granite (karma) lift out.

If a person does not clear all their karma, they may need to reincarnate on the physical level. Even if you are working above Soul and if the karma has not cleared by the time you die, you may go to a lower level to clear uncleared karma there.

We have eons of karma, and it’s unlikely that a person will clear it all in this lifetime. But we can work it more easily from above the Soul level. Having the spiritual agreement to work with me above the Soul realm means that you are working with a more refined energy. Clearing the karma from above Soul can be like dusting a glass; clearing it from a lower level is like having to break up granite.

We’re all connected together, like parts in a whole. We are knocking down the compartments in the whole so we have access to all energy. Then we have no karma, and we can receive the paradisiacal glory of God, and God will reign in us and as us.

Baruch Bashan

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