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Getting on the “Loving Station”

It takes our intention to get on the “loving station,” the positive station.  That is something we do by our volition.  We are on it spiritually all the time.  That is always present.  If we attune ourselves spiritually, then we will automatically be attuned to that loving, positive frequency. – John Morton

This article comes from a sharing session John had with students in the Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) classes in February 2001

God’s loving is in all things.  When you experience that truth, you also understand it as a natural process.  You would automatically be aware of the loving in all things.  We have a negative attunement here in this world, in the body as well as in the consciousness.  We can get on that frequency and be attuned to the negative frequency.  The station we are listening or responding to could be a negative transmission.

It takes our intention to get on the “loving station,” the positive station.  That is something we do by our volition.  We are on it spiritually all the time.  That is always present.  If we attune ourselves spiritually, then we will automatically be attuned to that loving, positive frequency.  But our habitual, physical, and psychic material natures will also be playing.  We are playing as a multidimensional consciousness.

The negativity is also always on.  There isn’t anybody in a body who doesn’t have that station plugged in.  If we want to attune ourselves positively, we have to consciously take that attunement.  We can cause ourselves to be habitually positive, habitually loving, but we don’t often think of it that way.

You might be around someone and go, “You know, you’re always love.  You are so loving.  You’re always so up and uplifting, like there is something wrong with you!  Don’t you understand what is going on here?  There are a bunch of problems, things that don’t work and things we don’t like.  The natural response is to be bothered, upset, miserable and sick – or at least something like that.”

There is a certain amount of truth to that.  When we are attuned negatively, a natural product of that is what negativity brings.  There are fruits of negativity.  They are unnecessary because of the opportunity we have to attune ourself spiritually into the loving nature. If we could see it, it would appear as a tentacle that goes out from us.  It takes our energy and intention to hold it up, or it will drop off.  Negativity is like gravity.  It is a nature that will pull on the positive nature.

By our intention, we can hold up the positive so we wouldn’t have to be aware of the loving in every little thing.  That would require a lot of effort.  It can just be looking and realizing that there is loving across all of this.  But it is really taking place with each part of it.

It takes great discipline, focus and dedication to hold loving so we stay loving.  We are human.  We would not be here physically if some part of us wasn’t dropping into the negative lower nature.  That is how we get here.  We drop down into it.

There is always going to be something that is not quite holding up the loving for us to focus on and lift.  If it’s not in our own body, there is still a greater opportunity with what is around you to connect to it in a loving, conscious way.

In MSIA, we teach to make it something singular. You don’t have to think of every little thing or have some kind of checklist for your prayers before you can move about your day.  It’s much better if you can find a way to do it all at once.

Some things do call our attention and focus, so we get particular about what we are lifting and connecting with what needs the loving, a loving way.  I wouldn’t consider that you can say, “Loving” and then it’s done.

Everyone has an assignment on a daily basis to consciously go to God.  That is our source that replenishes and regenerates us.  That is more accurately what we are doing when we sleep.  We are re-sourcing so that we are being replenished in our life force.

Where do we go for that?  We go to a place very deep inside of us, at the core of our being.  For the most part, we are not really conscious or aware of that.  We don’t necessarily know where we go to get re-sourced and replenished, but we are aware when we are not re-sourced, replenished or rested.  If someone asks, “Did you get your rest, your sleep?” how does that translate?  Did you get replenished and re-sourced, so you are “up”?

You can learn how to let go of things in the world. A lot goes on psychically in the dream state to work that out.  But nothing works like going to God and surrendering ourself from our psychic material nature. It is a very holy, sacred act to do that.

When we practice spiritual exercise, we go about that in a different way. It is one that we can do as a consciously directed process.  It is not like putting up a white flag, which is often what sleep is.  Like, “I can’t take it anymore.”

We can direct ourselves in that process to understand sleep is a time to let go of the world, the mind, and emotions, and cooperate with that no matter who is next to you or where you are.  I often tell whoever is around me, “I’m going to get out of my body,” or “I am going to get down.”  Sometimes it’s like I don’t have much choice in the matter.  I just let people know when it happens.  “Don’t be surprised” or “Don’t expect much out of me, because I’m not likely going to be very available.”

I am also aware of when it is happening, and my eyes are still open.  There is still functioning going on, but there’s not much “here.”  That is not a time to do important, attention-needing kinds of exercises.  It’s probably time to take a back seat.  Don’t drive or make important decisions.  Excuse yourself.  Maybe there is a time of day when you have a quiet place you can go, where the world isn’t pulling on you.

There is an aspect of being spiritual that is constantly awake, and if you want to “sleep,” it doesn’t work that way.  It is more accurate that you want to rest.  Can you have some time to yourself?  Yes.  You may need to create and direct that in a particular way, so you are making your attunement to the Spirit your clear and loving intention.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Presenting Ourself to the Lord

Lord God, here we are again,
presenting ourselves such as we are.
We take a moment to pause,
so You may stir what is unconscious
in the way that is of the truth, of our higher nature.
We ask that You simply point out to us
anything that we could sacrifice.
If there is resistance from our perceptions,
we ask that You assist in the way of understanding
so we may freely let go
and trust that You are leading us constantly.
We come into a consciousness to be Your students,
to learn from Your exampleship.

May we put aside
whatever we have held as beliefs that are not true,
that function in illusion.
Bathe us. Cleanse us.
Let us freely give up any darkness,
any attachment in whatever does not serve.

For those of us who are exhausted, tired, frustrated,
or in any way shut down,
we ask for Your strength and healing
to continue with enthusiasm and joy.
You are the Lord that restores, redeems,
and makes new again.

For some of us, You show that we must forgive.
We must release the judgments
if we are to behold Your mercy and grace.
We can see those who are our friends,
the ones we know who come from Spirit,
are gathering around us and holding Light and Love,
sustaining until we do let go.
We understand that all of Your creation,
whatever has gone before in our existence,
is converted into our friend in all these experiences.

Stand tall inside of us
as our wisdom, our knowledge, and our liberation.
You stand before us
as the one we know as the Christ and the Traveler,
and with all those who share in that way.
Sweet surrender.

Baruch Bashan

The above blessing appears in John’s book, “Blessings Here and Now”, which is available at

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  1. The blessings already are. Thanks dear Lord, dear Traveler and dear Leigh for all the blessings and loving for us all. I appreciate and l will forever be grateful to you Sir.

  2. This is just so beautiful. So healing, too. The Traveler in our lives is *so* beautiful . . . . magnificent! Thank you so much.

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