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It’s really appropriate that we’re here on Valentine’s Day because if we’re not doing that which is loving and that which is fun, why do it? Jesus Christ taught us to love one another as he has loved us. That’s the direction we’re going… – John-Roger

This article was first published in the New Day Herald in May, 1990.

It’s really appropriate that we’re here on Valentine’s Day because if we’re not doing that which is loving and that which is fun, why do it? Jesus Christ taught us to love one another as he has loved us. That’s the direction we’re going, and those who are also going that direction will be looking the same way. If they’re trying to trip you, stay clear of them–and you’ll stay clear. Perhaps they’ll trip you even as they’re trying to help, and you’ll fall.

Have you ever seen skaters doing clown tricks? They skate around and go to pick each other up, and they keep falling over and over. It looks funny except somebody’s always getting hurt. Always. Some of those hurts are karmic. And do you know what we say to that? Move on. Some of those hurts are self-imposed. People think, “You didn’t do what I wanted, what I thought, what I expected.” There’s always that big self-possessed I: “I want this, and I think you should be doing that. You aren’t. Therefore, I am hurt. And I know you did it.” Now, you were there and you said it and did it, but you never said or did it to them as a personal thing to hurt. Still, they’ll record it against you and come at you under all the guises. All you do is deflect them with the loving.

A while ago I was talking with John Morton, the Traveler, who holds the keys here for us. And he was having some rough times. I knew it really well because the first two years that I held the Traveler Consciousness–well, I’m so glad none of you were around. I was walking into walls. (I didn’t think they were walls; I could see what was on the other side just as clearly as I can see anybody here.) And I was experiencing the “crazies” that go on. So John was having a difficult time, trying to be everything to everybody and to himself and to the people he loves specially the way all that is to work. We were talking one night, and he said something amazing to me: “I’m just going to love you through it all.” And I just looked at him and thought, “We’ll see. We’ll see if you’re going to love it through it all.” That means me, him, you, all of us.

A lot of people were doing this comparison: Here’s J-R, THE TRAVELER. And here’s John Morton, the Traveler. They were taking twenty-five years of experience and hard knocks and running a comparison on somebody who’d been doing that for two years. And, folks, there’s a hell of a big gap between those types of comparisons. So stop the judging.

The most amazing thing is that people who don’t know what the Traveler is are saying John’s not the Traveler. Others who don’t know what the Traveler is are saying I’m not doing it the way it should be done. Yet if you ask them how it should be done, they don’t have the foggiest idea–“but it’s not like you’re doing it.” You people don’t even know until you hold the keys; then you may say, “Oh my God, what looked like an excuse to just do anything was really what you had to do. How could you do that?” The answer is, “When you take on this mantle, you do that.” You don’t necessarily like it, but if you don’t love it, it is shitty. (I wasn’t going to say that word, but I don’t know any other word for it.) And it’s like taking the manure and throwing it in the wind: You don’t even get a chance to duck. And if you do, you fall in what’s on the ground anyway. So you might just as well stand up and take it as it comes along.

Cynically speaking, I think that if John can hang in past the trials and tribulations that the loyal forces of the opposition are going to bring to him–and they have already–plus his own karma, plus marriage karma, plus child karma, plus the initiates’ karma, plus, plus, plus, plus, then either he’ll be a little tiny guy yelling for help or he’s going to be one of these gigantic master forms walking around. Not singularly will he walk in that, but purposefully with all of us.

Since 1983, I’ve led the most colorful career of anybody that I know of. If I had done everything that I was supposed to have done, I really could have done a lot. But I didn’t have time because when you’re busy doing your work, you really don’t have time to please everyone. But in the midst of all of that negativity of people criticizing and accusing, if you can turn around at the one who throws the mud and just wash your windshield so you can see more clearly and give them love back–that’s the moment of your growth. I mean, if people wanted me to get weak, they should have left me alone, because when there’s no struggle, you weaken and you collapse.

No, I didn’t like it, but I knew it was there, so I said to myself, “How do you deal in this? Other people are going to be watching you physically, and how will they see you deal in this? You talked about loving for a long time; what face of loving do you give?” And that is, when you’ve done it to the least of these, you’ve done it to me. So you just love them. Loving doesn’t necessarily mean shining their shoes (maybe if they’d brought them, I would have), but it does mean that he who is without sin casts the first stone. And in my purse I don’t have any stones. So I don’t cast them. You also get up one more time than you fall. There’s the old saying that if you’ve been thrown off a horse, get right back on. Immediately. Why? So you can lay a consciousness of purpose over a consciousness of hurt. That’s how to get out of hurt. Do you know there’s no cure for evil? But I’ll tell you how you get rid of it. You put the divine on top of it; it absorbs the evil, and it becomes one. Instead of evil pulling divinity down, divinity pulls the evil up. You balance it out, and we have another bright spot in the universe.

And if you have had hurt or grief, remember that loving grieves through and out the other side. Hate, hurt, revenge–all these grieve into it, stop, and destroy everything around. We have to tell the person who’s feeling hurt, “Go through it and out the other side. Keep moving out.” We’re wayshowers, but you cannot show someone the way until you’ve walked it. So if you’ve been walking in hurt, move through it and out the other side, and then look to see where you can help another.

Years ago, I said, “I’m not going to live in a world without love.” I knew I’d exist, but I wouldn’t live. I also knew that inside of me, I had strength enough that I could live off the loving that I was in contact with. And I never sought for it out there, because I knew that after the end of that, there would be grave disappointment. Do you know it’s built in here? The good Lord built in disappointment so we would not get too tied to this place and we would someday turn around and say, “There’s got to be something better, a better place where we’re going.”

And having the experience of Soul transcendence–and Soul traveling before that, and astral projection before that, and imagination before that, and curiosity in the physical before that, and all sorts of intellectual statements before that, and degrees to back up all of that, which amounted to nothing–having all that, we eventually gave up to our heart and to our spirit. Then we may look out there for someone we can share it with, yet every time we do this, we walk away with wood slivers in our nose.

Everything on this planet, including this Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness in its outer form, is doomed to fail. The University is, Insight is, the Health Center is, all the corporations are. All organizations in this world are designed to fail because, ultimately, this is all going to be picked up into the spirit world.

The Soul is designed to exist through all eternities. So where are we going to place our loyalties? And how are we going to place them? If you place them out here to me, you make a big mistake. We can love and respect each other, but you’d better place the loyalty inside, where you exist. And if you don’t know that, you’d better get in there and find out because you won’t know what I’m talking about in the purity of it until you go in there.

That’s my message to you. That’s my Valentine’s greeting to you. That’s my love to you. I see your hurt, I hear your cries, I sense your pain. I also know you did it to yourself. And you got other people to cooperate and help you have it. You managed all of it. You didn’t manipulate it; you managed it. And then you probably wondered, “Why, why, why, me?” It’s because you, you, you did it.

You know the Michael Jackson song: If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at the man in the mirror. If you want to find out who to love, look at the one in the mirror. Start that loving, that healing, regardless of what anybody else on this planet has done. Regardless of all the Hitlers and all the pogroms. Regardless of all the Attila the Huns, the Genghis Khans, the hordes, and the Crusades. Regardless of all that. We have a “right” to be upset or disturbed and all of that, but don’t do that because this world needs a lot of loving.

This decade is a decade of creativity in the positive or creativity in the negative. You have to choose the side you want to be on and watch out that the negative doesn’t try to convince you that it is the positive. If you haven’t listened to the tape “The Spiritual Warrior,” do that. Get that imprinted inside of you, because the negative forces come disguised, just as the angels of Light come disguised. You won’t know them if you don’t know your own heart.

Every day, you have to look back inside yourself to see if you are following an angel of light or one who masquerades. If you don’t go back in and check, then whatever happens to you, you earned it. It’s your karma. Turn around and love it, and it’ll disappear. Turn around and joke and laugh at it, and it will dissolve and you’ll exist. Then you’ll be your own funny Valentine.

Baruch Bashan.

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