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(left to right) Ani Pacheco, Monica Escobar, Leigh Taylor-Young and Karen Zuluaga

The Grace of God Among Us – The Traveler’s Visit to Bogota

There is joy, love, and a bliss, when it is announced the Traveler’s coming to our city.

We know that with the Traveler the blessings that already exist become present, that the Spirit also makes its presence, and that we are all elevated in consciousness. How to ignore this invitation of the Spirit? What can come between us and this opportunity to serve and be served?

As Colombia MSIA Connect we saw the blessings that are present when the Traveler is among us, and we did everything possible, by all means, so that the community knew the good news of this very special visit, after a long time of isolation and distancing given the pandemic. We did what we have been taught: serve, touch, love.

Thus, the Spirit was revived among us, and one by one we responded to the call. We did our work as Ministers, by participating in the action of the Spirit, and by committing ourselves to extend this blessing to the people around us. This is how we managed to fill the room with more than 100 people in the open seminar Money: The Great Mirror of Consciousness. We did our 10% and the Spirit took care of everything else. The result was the Grace of God among us, in a way that simply leaves you breathless, and speechless.

The Ministers meeting was also filled with a more than special energy. There was so much love and joy from this reunion with our Beloveds; each Minister that came into the room raised the energy. The energy was at its highest point. We had no doubt that we were in the right place and time to open our hearts and be in the presence of the Divine. The meeting of Ministers was a direct recharge from the source, of the Spiritual energy in us. That energy that moved among us then, leaves us with this enthusiasm to continue participating and continue the work of the Spirit through our ministry.

Let this be an invitation, wherever you are, to respond to the call and participate in the blessings present when the Traveler visits your city. There is nothing more worthy.

In gratitude for the loving service to the Traveler and his staff to our community around the world. We know that when we participate you can fulfill your ministry, and you are blessed at the same time that we are blessed.

(left to right) Margarita Gutierrez, Mónica Escobar, Leigh Taylor-Young, John Morton, Karen Zuluaga, Olga Elena Villegas.

Love, light and joy,
Karen Zuluaga Jiménez
Colombia MSIA Connect


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