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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Optimizing Circadian Rhythms

Five years ago I stumbled upon a wonderful addition to my self-honoring behaviors: getting out of bed and outdoors to see the morning light each morning. Spiritually aware Ben Franklin tells us in Poor Richard’s Almanack, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a [person] healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Franklin knew something that was not verified by modern science until several hundred years later. Biophysicists and sleep docs now tell us that if we are outside with no eye covering and as much skin as possible uncovered (photoreceptors were recently discovered in our skin!) for the early morning light we send a signal to our body through the biological part of our “third eye” that sets our body circadian (daily) and ultradian (seasonal) clocks. When we set our clocks this way we create better sleep, cognition and life direction. This happens at the level of producing hormones, melatonin, cortisol, dopamine, serotonin, you name it! We all know that when we get great sleep we are much more likely to be living in a HEALTHY body. When our cognitive function works better we are WISE. When we make good life choices we can experience WEALTH (on all levels).

These past 5 years of sunrises have created measurable and actual improvements in all areas of my life. My doctor’s lab work shows I have much less inflammation, better cardiovascular numbers, better metabolism, and better stress indicators. My sleep is restful and restorative. I came through the COVID lockdown without anxiety or depression. My focus on my paid work is so much better than before. My inspiration and thirst to be involved in my life here on earth and my spiritual practices is wonderful.

Some of us have been attending a zoom Heartfelt recommended Light & Wellness Gathering every other Friday at 10 AM Pacific time for approximately a year now. Many have reported really wonderful outcomes with this simple practice. Some of us have also committed to being outdoors more often, getting our bare feet on Mother Earth regularly for grounding, only eating during daylight hours, creating excellent sleep “hygiene” and maybe even trying a cold shower! Why not come check us out?

Here’s where to find the Recordings on the Heartfelt website:


Alternating Fridays
10-11:30am PST
Via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 963 5462 3172
Passcode: WELLNESS

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! You inspire me and I’m implementing more of what we discussed. Thank you.

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