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Marian Sears

One: A Poem by Marian Sears

Marian Sears, age 92 — mother of Margaret Peake and grandmother of Robert and Lisa Peake — wrote this poem titled “One” on February 28, 2023.  Margaret asked Marian if she would share it in the New Day Herald.  Marian agreed.


It’s HERE,

Just HERE,

Be Still,

Be Quiet,

Let IT have room

To Blossom, Open;


It’s what we long for,

The true Joy,

Love flooded, Light touched words

That DO us.


It’s Here,

Just Here,

Be Still,

Be Quiet,

Let it come;


The first pink Light of Dawn,

The first sweet note from Flute.


It’s Here,

Just Here,

Be Still,

Be Quiet,

Waken to the Friend;


It’s Here,

Just Here,

No more Searching,

No more Longing,

Know this Now,








By Marian Sears
February 28, 2023

13 thoughts on “One: A Poem by Marian Sears”

  1. I too, am 92 and I am one with you. Thank you for allowing this to express through you. God is Blessing you.
    Angela Bell

  2. Merlene Bukovich

    Marian, as usual, you touch me deeply.
    God bless you, dear friend.
    I love and adore you.
    Love, Light, & Laughter,

  3. Wow! Beautiful Marian. I receive this as a blessing from you. Thank you for blessing us with this powerful message of peace and oneness. I love you. Joanie

  4. Marian, Thank you for your sharing.
    I was feeling somewhat down but as I read your poem felt a shift in my consciousness. Your poem helped me to reconnect to the loving and oneness of my soul and the unity of all the love that is present right here and now, always in the now.

  5. Thank You for this blessing of word, thought, and prayer, and for being that blessing. Love, Light, Gratitude for YOU! Rosalie 🙂

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