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(left to right) Jesus Garcia, John Morton, David Raynr, Leigh Taylor-Young Morton in Argentina for Insight IV, January 2023

Insight IV in Argentina with the Traveler’s Energy

At the age of 16, I met David Hubbard (Raynr), Joey Hubbard and of course Patti Rayner.  This was  around 1980. Long story short, this meet inspired my acting career and also the meeting with John-Roger and the rest is history.

My ministry is serving J-R’s Living Love (my independent survey of course).  If J-R’s affirmation is “I communicate Living Love,” this suggests we are all his Living Love. He communicated Living Love while he lived with us physically and he manifested this Living Love in all of us Initiates. We are the “I am” with the Travelers — John-Roger, John Morton and Jesus Christ. After 9 years since J-R passed on from his physical body, it’s clear to me that we are an extension of his Living Love. We can tug on that extension cord and know we are Divine. Tug away!

My first stop on this journey was Santiago, Chile to plant Light Columns with Vania and friends, and then off to Buenos Aires.  I am grateful and appreciative of J-R’s sister organization, Insight Seminars, for giving me the opportunity to facilitate Insight IV for the fourth time. Twice in Bulgaria and twice in South America. This time in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The winds of Buenos Aires were blowing a feeling of success, wherever I looked people were still high from the month-long celebration of the World Cup Championship win, and it was electric. The Energy of Traveler John and LTY riding the championship wave into Colombia and Argentina was a site to behold. The energy was palpable. You could cut it like a juicy apple pie ala mode.

During Insight IV, I pinched myself realizing I’m co-facilitating with the best of Insight Seminars. Insight has Masters in the making. The energy was the same, 1985 to 2023. The Traveler’s energy of J-R and John Morton is the carrier wave J-R talks about. Living Love is the key. In this Living Love there were initiations, ordinations and baby blessings. A growing Sound and Light show!


My Appreciation and gratefulness to J-R. Love you Jota Ere! Sign up for Insight when you can. It’s a blast!  Plenty of Living Love to go around.

Jesus Garcia

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