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John Morton Awakening as the Christ Event

Everything Serves a High Purpose

You may say, “I want to be in the highest good, to serve the highest good.”  Let’s see if you are willing to do that if you’re ready to make that choice.  If you are, you will make that choice naturally, freely, and openly – again and again.  What if we don’t?  There is the suffering.  – John Morton

This article comes from a sharing session John had with students in the Peace Theological Seminary Transcendent Leadership class in October 2020.

When we are onto the learning, it’s not aggravating or disturbing.  I mean fully onto it.  There could be a moment when our “ivory tower” has been shattered and come down.  Our belief system is smoldering and in ruins.  That’s a funny image.  It took me a long time to build up that tower and now I’m crushed because my belief system has been based on false notions and wishful thinking.

The attitude I usually have is, “Give it to me.”  I would call upon my high self consciousness and ask, “Am I ready for this?” The high self can say, “No, let’s not do this right now.”

If your three-year-old son says, “I heard all these sounds, and it seemed really strange when I walked into your room last night and saw what you and mommy were doing.”  How do I explain that to my son in a way that lets him have the truth, but also in a way that he can take it in and have a greater level of understanding later?  How do I explain it so he can have an “Aha!” moment when he is really ready to see and understand what that is?  There is a practicality in this.  Consider our higher consciousness, our soul consciousness, understands and would order it up that way.

Why is it that you are not given anything you can’t handle?  How is that?  Because it would be a waste to give you what you couldn’t handle.  So, it’s not given to you.  You are not ready.  But you may say, “Oh, yes I am!”  Do you hear the fool talking?  Fools talk like that.  “I’m boastful.  I’m ready for everything.”

That is a time when you can hear the laughter up in the higher consciousness.  “Look who thinks they’re ready for everything!”  Then it’s, “Hey, let’s watch this.  It is going to be a great show here!”  Not out of mocking or ridicule, but out of joy.

Joy is what is actually coming. Everything is being used for upliftment and for a positive creation.  Does that mean murder, mayhem, injustice, and cheating are all serving a high purpose?  Yes.  Part of that would be for us to stop that.  It is allowed. Go towards the disruptive, disturbing, and painful; causing suffering at a level where we would feel it, think it, and be ravaged by it.  Then, in our compassion, we would feel the pain and suffering as an opportunity to be aware of what we would rather feel.  Just have that awareness.

It is something like pleasure.  If you go towards sensual pleasure, I’d say, “Hmm…you know there is a higher pleasure.”  Not that sensual pleasure is wrong or bad.  It just has a limitation.  It goes so far and then enters into the “law of diminishing returns” if you indulge past the pleasure point.

You might say, “If I did that, I’d have pleasure.  If I do it again, I’ll have more pleasure.  And if I do it as many times as I can, I’ll have even more pleasure.”  That’s off.  There is what I would call a “sweet spot.”  You could ask, “Is that the highest good?”  For sure.  Yes, it is.  “Well, how do I get to that?”  Great question!  Part of that would be your intention.

You may say, “I want to be in the highest good, to serve the highest good.”  Let’s see if you are willing to do that if you’re ready to make that choice.  If you are, you will make that choice naturally, freely, and openly – again and again.  What if we don’t?  There is the suffering.  We are somehow off.  What comes to us when we’re off?  Pain, suffering and separation.  We have the experience of, “I don’t like that. That doesn’t feel very good.  It’s unpleasant and uncomfortable.”

Sometimes when we are getting healed, initially it will feel very painful.  If you broke your arm, when the bones actually split, they have to reset your bone into its proper alignment.  That could hurt like hell, more than when you broke it.  You could be thinking, “What the hell are they doing?”  They may say, “I’m helping your healing, resetting your arm so it will heal.  You don’t want it to heal the way it is.”

Maybe, in our compassion, we’d say, “Let’s do that so you’re not around to feel it. We’ll give you a painkiller or anesthesia.”  That is allowed to a degree.  But there are some things where I’d say, “We need you here in the body for that to happen.”  In part, it would be reinforcing, “I don’t want to do that again.  Once was way past enough.”  Right.

Maybe you become the “angel at the gate” for others.  You are the angel who says, “Hey brother, I don’t think you want to do that.  Look at me.  I did what you are about to do.”  Get to the place that whatever your disturbance, it’s yours.  If you blame it on somebody else or on the situation, you can go back to the class and start over.

You need to be a responsible creator.  One hundred percent.  No blame, and no blaming yourself either.  No calling yourself mean nasty names because you are better than that.  Stop that.  That does not help.

What helps?  Deal with it.  Be open to what it is.  Just take it in.  That might be shocking.  You might say, “I never thought I’d create, promote or allow anything like this.”  Well, you did.  At some level you chose that, even if you don’t remember.  Do you want to go back to the class and start over?  You chose that.  One more time, you chose it.  Because then you get the lesson.  The information is coming to you.  Let’s call it the teachings.  It’s there.

What about when we indulge in any way as a negative pattern?  That is fairly common – negative or stinking thinking.  How would we change that?  Get into Peace Theological Seminary and take some courses or classes.  Ask for the Traveler to work with you at the highest rate, as much as you can handle.  That can be like a bucking bronco.  You might find you don’t quite stay on the Traveler’s way of teaching.  You may reject or resist it.  That’s okay.

Keep going.  If you want to learn, show up.  That works.  At some point we need to acquire the learning.  That is one of the reasons we are here in this world.  What’s another reason?  Maybe we are sent here by a divine order.  That way we move more into our transcendent nature.  Then we become of service, as an example-ship and a demonstration.

When you learn what you come here to learn, you become a beautiful being.  You are going to help others in tremendous ways, yet often very simple and ordinary ways by just being human.

In our world there is a transcendent experience if we would more fully take in our circumstances.  We can come into the rhythm that is in the soil, the ground, the atmosphere where we are – not just in a particular thing or condition.  We often make circumstantial things like wealth, riches, whatever it is that we desire, the focus.  There are things that we do not need to acquire.  There are things that are much more valuable if we would just take them in.  Slow ourselves down and make ourselves available.

One of the ways I see that is in John-Roger’s “Secret to Soul Transcendence” which says, “Look for the good in all people and things and leave the rest to God.”  When we are with people, we look for the good.  We make that our first move. There is part of us that habitually looks for something critical or needs to change.  Just change that view, that focus, and keep putting yourself onto looking for the good.

God bless you.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of Our Divinity

Lord God, we welcome in Your Presence,
that You come here with all of us gathered,
including whoever comes into this at a later time.
We are open to receive in our spiritual heart.

We invite You and welcome You,
calling You forward for the highest good of all concerned.
We do this through the Christ and the Holy Spirit,
so that we may receive fully in Your blessings.

Right now, You know what is in our heart
and whatever we have placed in the way.
You know our judgments, our disturbances,
whatever we have taken on as disease or illness.
We offer that up by coming into Your presence,
Your light, Your love, Your strength, Your power.

We can let go, releasing any form of negativity.
We call forward the learning and the growth we need.
We also call forward our patience,
our acceptance, our cooperation.
We seek Your understanding
so we may know the divine purpose at all times,
regardless of the conditions that are present,
and so we may become those who express Your wisdom
and live in Your grace.

Fill our vision with this blessing,
that we may see what You have prepared
and what has been awaiting us coming into this moment.
We are blessed, and we are loved because we are divine.
You reveal that divinity to us now
so we can see the forgiveness of all.
We see also that as we give forgiveness,
in that way it is given to us.

We choose to love all as You love all and show us the way.
In our own way, we are willing to change
and become the consciousness of light and love.
Let this become solid within our heart,
with the certainty of our Soul that we claim it in full,
knowing that we also walk in faith.
We will be tested in this world.
And as we are certain in this faith and patient in Your ways,
we know we will triumph.
We declare it is done.
Asi sea.

Baruch Bashan

The above blessing is one of many blessings in John’s book, Blessings Here and Now, available at

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