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What Would Love Do?

Let’s consider what you are called to do is what love would do. And what the truth in your heart would do. That’s all you really need to know.” – John Morton

This article and blessing come from a sharing session John Morton had in April 2022  with the undergraduate classes at Peace Theological Seminary.

Let’s consider there are times in perfect harmony, and what is the very best to do is nothing. It’s something like be patient. It’s not now. If we were asking for how it would work, we would say in perfect timing, in perfect ways.

Then understanding how that works, it would not be now because it’s in motion. The moment will be perfect when it is time. The way is prepared. So, it’s set up that we do it in that way.

It often reveals that we have the patience to wait. We have the patience to trust. That we wouldn’t have the impulse, “I have to do something. I’m feeling the anxiety. I’m feeling the urgency. I have to do something.”

No, you don’t have to do anything. What’s clear to do right now? “Nothing, but I have to do something.”

That’s the mind raving. If we understand, it would be to hold or wait with openness. Like I’m available to do anything. When something is really important, like the love of a child, that’s powerful. It’s like what would God do for Its child? Anything. Everything. It’s all available in the love.

It wouldn’t be anything and everything because there are things that would not be permitted in the love of God. They are not allowed. We are all learning that. Yes. How does that work?

It works in ways where you do everything. You put yourself all in. All your body, all your mind, everything is in. Then it’s also about it’s not the time. I’m waiting. I’m holding in my trust.

Then there’s something to check in there. What’s true? Beyond your truth. What’s true in your heart, even if your mind is raving with all kinds of ideas – “It could be this. What about this?” That’s the mind.

With the truth that’s in your heart, it can be clear. It can also be calm, so it doesn’t need to yell and scream. This truth can also be the truth right now is to hold, wait. Now is not the time. It’s not clear. That’s what’s clear.

Some people are confused by that. If it’s not clear what to do, how’s that clear? It’s clear that it’s unclear to do something. That’s what’s clear. It’s not clear to do something. That’s what’s clear. That’s how it’s being revealed to you.

I’m not telling you or reading what it is specifically for you. You can consider what you can see from your point of view. You can see for yourself. It’s really important that you see what’s true for you as your direct experience. You see it. You know it.

It can shift in a moment. Like in a singular moment you are up, and you are fully on. In the prior moment you were fully waiting, holding. How can it change like that? I don’t know.  How does darkness go to the light? How does day go to the night and change? Well, there’s a transition there maybe. Yet maybe it’s like lightning. It’s instantaneous.

What I encourage you to do is be aware of what’s true for yourself. It’s a heartfelt response. What is God revealing to you?

It may be very personal, whatever your situation is. I don’t need to know all the details and all the circumstances. Let’s consider what you are called to do is what love would do. And what the truth in your heart would do. That’s all you really need to know.

There can be other things. One of them practically in the world is what we call “Check it out.” So, if you don’t know what’s going on, then you find out. You seek understanding, that you would understand what’s there for you to do. Some of that can be, “It’s not for me to do. It’s being prepared in a way that doesn’t involve me.” That can happen.

So, things can be done for you that don’t really involve you personally. The blessing can be delivered, and it doesn’t involve you. It can just be done.

You may say, “Well, I want to do the blessing. I want to protect my loved ones. I want to do what’s right.”

Okay, but look for what would serve the situation. What would be for the highest good? And really hold for that to come to you in a clear awareness. Then trust that God is in direct communication with you. And it can be something like, “There’s nothing to do right now.”

Ha Ha! I laugh because that’s where my impatience is. You may say, “I want to know it now!”

It’s not being revealed right now because with what you have going on, you’d mess it up.

“I would not!”

See? You’re already impulsive. You’re already reactive. We’re not going to give it to you because we’re not going to tempt your reactivity. You’re being spared. You’re being protected.

“Oh, because I have a mind that could react and be upset if I see it?”

Right, so your mind doesn’t see it. But it actually isn’t a mind. It’s awareness. It’s a kind of awareness that would keep your mind clear. What kind of mind is like that? It’s called God consciousness. That’s not a mind. That’s awareness. That’s knowing. It transcends the mind.

The mind can be used. You have one, so you might as well use it to focus. You can use the mind to have determination. You’ve got the image. You have the vision. Then go for it. What is that?

The best way I know how to tell you is to love it all. Do everything in your power so your life is one of living love and greater good.

God bless you.

Blessing of Forgiveness and Greater Blessing

Let’s take a moment for anything anybody has that would be open to greater blessing. That is the movement. We are a movement that goes towards higher consciousness, higher good. Then let yourself be an instrument of the divine. It’s something like Father, Mother, God I accept. I accept what is being brought into my consciousness as direction, as knowing.

I’m also allowing myself to be in the clearing. I ask for the clearing. To release what is no longer necessary, what is no longer serving my life. Only that which is for the highest good is upon me, is coming into my awareness. I release anything like negative judgment, any disturbances that come through fear, doubt, worry.

I place forgiveness upon all of my past actions. I place it upon others. Both one and the same. Forgiveness is for everyone and everything. It’s all in forgiveness. That means I bless it. I release it from any form of restriction, any bondage.

So we are in freedom and liberation. I find joy is in my way of being. Wherever I look, I find peace everlasting.

Baruch Bashan



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  1. Margaret Clarke

    It’s with Love I am honored to be in this class of The Power Love.
    To join the group of loving anglers, To be given so many kees to help smooth my life.turning to the inside looking at many derections .Asking the Traveler’s conscousness to gide me . Enjoying the feelings of Blessings The debth of unconditional Loving . Listing to my self and listing to others. Benign in full understanding .Ask God convection in perfect timing .Keep reminding to place my hands onmy Hart.

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