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The Traveler and friends visit the Capitol, April 25, 2023

A Light-Filled Visit to the U.S. Capitol with the Traveler

On April 25, 2023, seventeen MSIA ministers walked through the US Capitol Building with joy, smiles, enthusiasm and the willingness to serve for the highest good.

It all began in February when we received the good news that John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young Morton would be visiting Washington, DC in April. Alicia Landa immediately sent a heartfelt request to John asking if he would join a group of us on a visit to the US Capitol Building (where the Senate and House of Representatives meet). John graciously agreed and we began to plan for this event.

Alicia and I went to the Capitol Building on March 17 to experience one of the guided public tours. These days, you must be part of a tour group in order to access certain parts of the building. The tour started with a required 13-minute movie followed by a 45-minute narrated tour. We were told that everyone must stay with the tour group—no wandering around.

I knew immediately this public tour was not for our group, since our intention was that of silent prayer and blessings. The movie and the tour included almost too much information on the mental level, especially about wars and discord. We were there to bring some peace, harmony and balance.

Through the good efforts of one of our MSIA ministers, we were able to arrange a private tour with the staff of her US Senator’s office. She sweetly noted that the members of her church would be “appreciative, charming and well behaved.” The Senator’s office was very gracious and offered us a 10 am tour led by two of their interns. The news of this private tour was a great blessing since it would give us some flexibility.

April 25 dawned with sunshine and some light clouds floating peacefully over the city. Our group met inside the Capitol Visitor Center by the large plaster model of the Statute of Freedom (the statue that stands atop the building). We were soon greeted by our tour guides from the Senator’s office—two cheerful guys dressed in suits and ties, both of them 19-year old college students studying political science. I knew then that this would all turn out well, and we would have some joy and fun along the way.

We began with a visit to the Rotunda, the area under the Capitol dome, sometimes referred to as the Capitol’s “symbolic and physical heart.” Most days, thousands of visitors pass through the Rotunda and it’s where the country pays final respects to presidents and eminent citizens. We gathered together near the center of the room as John invoked a beautiful blessing and we chanted silently. Several of us smiled at one another as we felt the energy in the room shift.

The Traveler and friends in the Rotunda

Other places we visited included the Old Senate Chamber, a very elegant room where the Senate met in the 1800s, and Statuary Hall, a chamber filled with statues of prominent Americans from across the country. Our private tour soon ended and we said goodbye to our two delightful tour guides, who helped make our experience so easy and graceful.

Next, we used the passes we had been given to visit the House of Representatives chamber, where the House meets to conduct its business and where the president delivers the State of the Union speech each year. (It’s also where visiting heads of state give speeches, such as the president of South Korea who spoke there two days after our visit.) We spent some time here doing Spiritual Exercises, placing Light Columns and talking quietly as we waited for the House session to begin at noon. Prominently displayed in this room are the words “In God We Trust,” our national motto.

When the House session began, several representatives stood up to give their opinions about current issues or to honor heroes in their congressional districts. After listening to several speakers, we left this gallery intending to go visit the Senate chamber, but we discovered there would be a two-hour wait for that room to open. Feeling complete with our visit to the Capitol, we decided to walk across the street and continue our Light journey at the US Supreme Court.

The group on their way to the Supreme Court, shown ahead

Surprisingly, the area around the Supreme Court was not crowded. We couldn’t enter the building because the court was in session (officially called an “Argument Day”) but our group was able to walk up to the beautifully-sculpted bronze doors at the front of the building. It was here that John brought forward another profound blessing, followed by our group briefly chanting aloud. The chanting sounded so harmonious and peaceful, just perfect for that moment. When I opened my eyes, I saw that some curious onlookers had gathered below us.

Soon after, we said goodbye to some of our group with our usual exchange of hugs, smiles and “love you.” A dozen of us then went to have lunch and to socialize on the outdoor patio of a nearby restaurant. A perfect way to end our visit.

As I sit home now thinking about our adventure on April 25, I see our joyful, smiling faces as we walked around invoking God’s love and Light to clear, bless and fill the rooms and spaces and to bless those doing the work of the government for the highest good of all concerned. We are so fortunate to be able to serve in this way using techniques taught to us by our beloved John-Roger and to do this with joy. As J-R once said, “Joy is an indicator of the presence of Spirit.”

Heartfelt gratitude goes to all who participated in our adventure: our amazing Traveler John and Ambassador Leigh, our local DC ministers, our California ministers who traveled across the country to be with us, and all those who sent us Light that day. Let’s continue sending Light to all governments across the planet for greater levels of peace, wisdom and cooperation in the days, months and years ahead!

And our story is not complete until we give special thanks to those who made our private tour possible. One of our MSIA ministers from Rhode Island, Donna Nesselbush (a former state Senator), was able to connect us with United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (also from Rhode Island) whose staff member Moira Flath arranged for her interns Jordan and Chris to lead our tour. Rhode Island may be our smallest state in area but it sure is overflowing with large amounts of hospitality and kindness as demonstrated by these gracious people.

Matt Van Fossan’s Thoughts on Visiting the US Capitol Building

Matt and Rita Van Fossan explore a model of the Capitol with one of our tour guides

The highlight for me was when the group of us sat down in the House of Representatives gallery before the start of the day’s session. Everything was quiet with 17 of us initiates and ministers present as well as a few other visitors. As I slipped into Spiritual Exercises, I received a little seminar. I could forget about statues and monuments and who gets in what photo.

The work we are doing is primarily on the higher levels, beyond what most people are aware of. It is through these higher levels that the greater action of Light precipitates down. This government body was one place where the will of Spirit could be carried out. But it must first be received into the hearts of people in public service, people who choose to attune themselves to Spirit.

I’m so grateful I could glimpse the bigger game being played by those of us doing this work of Spirit. There are so many distractions in the world, so many dramas playing out here. But we who participate in the inner movement and know it, we are truly blessed!

Alicia Landa’s Experience of Visiting the Supreme Court with the Traveler

Alicia Landa on the Visit to the Capitol

The highlight of having the Traveler coming to bless these places was for me the Blessing he gave us at the Supreme Court.

The whole group crossed from the Capitol to the Supreme Court and when we got there, John walked straight up to the top of the stairs to the entrance doors. Once there, in preparation to deliver his blessing he asked us to gather around him. The difference here is that inside the Capitol we were surrounded by lots of people. Here we were just us, a small group of ministers and initiates. There was a momentum. I don’t remember the words, but I will never forget the energy present, the upliftment and elevation, the greatness taking place. I sensed that something greater was being allowed from above to take place and we were the instruments used at this time.

It what way I was changed by this experience? Now I’ll be more attentive at what is behind the words. There is something greater taking place always in the Senate and House of Representative chambers, and at the Supreme Court and I can choose to be part of the greatness of the Traveler and Christ consciousness or enter into the judgments and criticism and againstness.  You will say, that is nothing new. Yes, but go behind what you are reading into the essence.

And as ministers of God’s Love Light and Sound we serve regardless. And we know that God has already blessed Us and the World.

And you don’t have to have been there in the moment this blessing was given at the Supreme Court , you can just pay attention to what is behind the words and go into the Greatness of God that is your own Greatness.

That is the essence of my learning from this experience, that the greatness of God is also my own greatness, as it is yours.

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