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The MSIA group from Bulgaria visiting the home of Traveler John and Leigh, April 2023

The Bulgarian Journey from Sofia to the Traveler’s Home

We had the idea and the intention for some time to organize a Bulgarian trip to the Traveler’s Home, and I can proudly and happily share that we did it this Spring. It was a rich, colorful experience filled with content, with love, friends, care, joy and adventures, and most of all with the spiritual love, support and grace of the Traveler.

Apart from the magical stay at Prana where we received shelter, food, aura balances and lots of love, care and attention, we also had the pleasure to visit Windermere – this magical healing place. Thank you Milo Page for the welcome and the wonderful walk in this extremely beautiful place.

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In the afternoon, we had the unique opportunity to celebrate the birthday of our friend Mladen Ivanov in Santa Barbara with our beloved Insight Facilitators – Leslie Boyer, Mary Ann Sommerville and Russell Bishop and other friends.

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We also had a very special visit to the private home of the Morton family. It is a unique feeling to be in this intimate, beautiful, pure and blessed personal space with the Traveler and his gentle loving mate Leigh. Huge thanks to John and Leigh for opening their home and heart to our group and for this uniquely blessed morning with them.

View the Photos from Traveler John and Leigh’s Home


We also had the opportunity to see, feel and hear about unique spiritual places in LA such as Yogananda’s Ashram Lake Shrine.

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Jsu Garcia took us to Mandeville where John-Roger lived and the Building in Santa Monica that housed Insight, USM and MSIA events for many years as well as to enjoy a unique sunset from an magnificent place.  Thanks to Jsu Garcia, Nicole Campbell, Leslie Boyer and Heidi Banks for the care, the tour and beautiful sharings. You filled our hearts and souls.

View the Photos from the tour with Jsu Garcia


And of course, we also had time to tour the classic Los Angeles landmarks such as Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Boulevard, the Griffith Observatory, museums and many more. We even made it to Malibu and enjoyed the holiday energy and fancy houses and majestic ocean.

I can’t put the experience into words regarding the “Upper Room” Workshop at Easter. Two great days in the upper room with our spiritual family and the Traveler. A big THANK YOU to Sherie Wylie, David Whitaker, John and Leigh and all the PTS team for this amazing workshop.

And after that holy blessed Easter weekend, we headed to Las Vegas – the birthplace of the current Traveler where we immersed ourselves in the colorful, stormy, crazy vacation life.

We also enjoyed the majestic Grand Canyon and the local energies and traditions.

So, we had an amazing journey from Bulgaria to the USA full of experience, rich content and a great chance to meet and live with our spiritual family and the Traveler.

And last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to the presidency of MSIA –  Mark Lurie, Paul Kaye and Vincent Dupont for their support on every level and to the team of Prana and the residents including Stella Estevez, Deborah Kovitz, Matt and Rita Van Fossan for making us feel at home and to have this extraordinary visit.

But that’s enough from me, here is a sharing from another of our group:

A sharing from Diana Dimitrova

Diana Dimitrova of the Bulgarian MSIA group, standing in front of Prana in Los Angeles, CA

My journey to Prana is an example of how a clear intention and a strong desire of the heart to visit this holy place comes true. Exactly 5 years ago I asked to come to Prana and do the PAT trainings and I knew it would happen when the time has come. Nowhere else has my heart and soul felt in such balance, peace and joy as here. This trip was my heart’s way home. The experience was multi-faceted, involving both meeting many kindred spirits and community friends and visiting places that carry the Spirit of the traveler: Windermere; Mandeville, where I seemed to feel the presence of John-Roger.

I am grateful for the warm and hearty welcome from John Morton and Leigh. I am happy to have participated in The Upper Room workshop.  I did sound meditation with Matthew and had very powerful experiences and deep realizations during the meditations.  I took walks in the meditation garden and walks through the Labyrinth. Doing my daily practices in the Solar Room, achieving union with spirit was a powerful and profound experience for me, for which I am grateful to myself and the Traveler for supporting me on the path of my inner spiritual awareness and growth. I am grateful to everyone with whom we were together on this journey to holy places, carrying the spirit of the Traveler and to everyone who made all the organization and logistics possible.

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