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Conference of The Power of Living Love – An Invitation

Dear Family,

My heart is overflowing with Infinite Gratitude to our Beloved Brother, Friend and Traveler, John Morton… to our Precious Sister, Leigh … and to our endlessly loving and serving Presidency and Staff.  And to you, Beloved J-R, there are no words to adequately express the gratitude.  You are Our Forever Beloved Preceptor, Soul-of-our-soul, Heart-of-our-heart.

When I got up this morning, I was asked from within to write this. As I started, I kept being prompted to send it to different people … so I listened, and here you/we are.  I keep hearing there are more for whom this is intended.

Here’s the message:  Years ago, at the beginning of the Conference of Gratitude, a deeper part of me awakened and I heard:

“MSIA’s ‘Conference’ doesn’t merely refer to a gathering – it much more blessedly refers to the act of conferring/conferral  (bestowing) of specific sacred qualities … thus, the ‘confer-ence’ of those qualities. The qualities focused upon during each ‘confer-ence’ (such as ‘Gratitude, Grace, Love, Joy, etc.) may have seemed to some as possibly randomly chosen.  In reality, they are specifically precipitated and realized through Grace down through the realms to The Travelers’ staff on the physical. (Thus, it has been done by varying names throughout the ages.)

“MSIA ‘Confer-ences’ are not occurring solely on the physical realm.  They are Conferring Soul-ly throughout the realms, wherein we are All One…connected in The Christ, Traveler, Preceptor … and into God.  This is a Wholly Holy event throughout Beingness.  That Which Is.  The depth to which each participates in their hearts will determine how deeply the ‘confer-ence’ becomes consciously available.  In reality, the ‘confer-ence’ (bestowment) is an Unconditional & Infinitely Loving Gift from God … and eventually becomes available throughout the realms into conscious awareness as each soul opens to it.  This Blessing Is Real.  Love invites you to open your heart … and receive the gift.”

Of course, I checked this out with J-R, and, indeed, he verified it.  For years I quietly shared it with a few friends as “Confer-ence” time approached.  This year I am encouraged from within to share it with all who may be interested.  Perhaps, if this resonates with you, you may wish to share it with others … as it is Gift Time.

Rama Fox with John-Roger at a Wayshower moving screening in 2011

During the first MSIA Advanced Training (before it was named “Insight”), after we all had chosen an Affirmation, J-R shared His with us:  I AM LIVING LOVE.  He embodied it … and triggered its unfoldment in all of us.  Back then I barely consciously comprehended what it meant, although I knew it was true.

My Prayer & Intention Here and Now is to as fully receive, realize, embrace and manifest The Power of Living Love as much as I am able in all aspects of my life FTHGAC.  For those who may not yet have focused on your Intention, now may be a great time.  Through the years, so many of us have noted as “Conference” time grew near:  Conference has already begun.   And even if you’re not planning on taking the Workshop, the invitation to partake in The Power of Living Love is being offered to us all to receive.  The Workshop just makes it easier. ❤

Greg and I are planning to have some people join us for the Workshop, along with the Ministers & Initiates Meetings online.  We take it as part of the blessing of our ministries to open our small home to the degree we’re able, space-wise.  We assume many others are planning to share this in their homes, as well.  We wish we could accommodate all the folks being sent this email that are in the Santa Barbara area and not attending Conference in person. For this, we’d need a far larger home. 😊 However, we will be holding all of us in our hearts.

More than ever before, we recognize this as a Sacred and Holy Event (including SEs, hugs, laughter, silence, dyads, snacks, sharing with our Traveler, night travels, journaling, going deeply within) – as we do all we are able to gratefully receive The Power of Living Love.  Oh, My!

Light ahead for our Traveler … and staff …

So Be It.


Rama   … and Greg, too …

5 thoughts on “Conference of The Power of Living Love – An Invitation”

  1. Elaine Finesilver

    Thank you Rama. I remember when you first brought JR to Aspen, and we gathered at the home of Jyoti and Andre Ulrich. It was around 1977. I chose back, my Traveler , JR. I am coming to Prana for conference to commune with my Beloved spiritual family. It is truly a blessing to be together physically and spiritually .
    Elaine Finesilver
    Colorado minister

  2. Nan Sexton & Lise Reese

    God’s blessings to you and Greg, Rama❣️
    Thanks for your words and thoughts on Conference…truly a holy time of year for us all❣️

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