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(left to right) Margi Gabrieli, Barbara Cunha, Jay Winston (at back), Monica Winston, and Marjorie Eaton

Amazing Grace Came to New England

Amazing Grace came to New England on May 4-5, 2023

… and we will never be the same!

From the time we invited the Traveler to the Boston area, Spirit moved with us, through us, and in us. It changed us for the better, brought up things for clearing, gave us guidance, leading us to excellent teamwork. It culminated in an evening Seminar for Discourse Subscribers with our Beloved Traveler John Morton that expanded us on all levels, opening us to even greater loving than ever before.

I am still blown away by the generosity of Spirit that is given through John and Leigh. New England was the last stop on the East Coast Tour, when it would be understandable that John and Leigh might be ready to head home after finishing in New York City. Instead, they got into their rental car and drove the long five or six hours, through rush hour traffic, to shower us with their ministries, known and unknown.

Our MSIA New England Connect Team came together to prepare a place:

  • Finding the venue and serving as Team Captain (Randy Richard – such a beautiful and magnificent job).
  • For room setup, thanks so much to everyone! Doris Grandinetti, Barbara Cunha, Andrew Moritz, Jay Winston, Randy Richard.
  • Creating a beautiful ambiance from tablecloths to flowers and candles (Jona Gilbreth, Kate Megan – lovely work).
  • Transportation for those needing rides (Jay Winston, named Sir Jay by one of his passengers).
  • Margi Gabrieli and Marjorie Eaton generously volunteering to help Monica Winston on the Registration Team with their welcoming presence, with Joanie Kurkian using her illustrious skill on name tags!
  • Our sweet Jane Brell also greeting, and overseeing the Products Table in the lobby.
  • Jona Gilbreth serving as our MC (and rocked!).
  • Valerie Walsh (with the assistance of Jane Brell and Rick Bloesser) creating a beautiful contribution of music and voice.
  • And of course, the amazing wizardry of Roger Wakefield, coming in like a tornado with purposeful expertise, handling sound set-up and take-down with mastery and speed!
  • Finally, Margi Gabrieli joyfully volunteering at the last minute to operate the camera!

In the meantime, Maryellen Solomon-Auger had organized an in-person and zoom based PTS class Manifesting the Traveler’s Joy, with 23 participants facilitated by three members of the Transcendent Leadership cohort:  Frankie Cardamone, Kevin McGinn and Maryellen Solomon-Auger, as part of a three day TL gathering.  Some of the participants then came to attend our John Morton event.  What a beautiful blessing!

During the day on Friday, both John and Leigh graciously offered individual counseling sessions, and then came the time for our evening event!

We had 41 participants in-person, with 187 online. The place was prepared, the tone was set, we opened our hearts, and the Traveler was with us. Thank you, God!

Before the seminar began, another blessing unfolded. Leigh Taylor Young Morton ordained William Burhans, a beloved member of our community. Leigh, in her magnificent presence, opened our hearts, demonstrating her amazing connection to the oneness. How wonderful and joyful to welcome Bill to our ministerial family here in New England!

And then we were ready.  Jona Gilbreth as MC opened the evening, welcoming all of us, in-person and online, followed by Valerie’s beautiful music, followed by Randy’s sensitive and heartfelt presentation of photos of our Beloved David Jenkins who passed into Spirit four days previously.  We were so grateful to be together honoring his memory, and more than that, his presence with us for over 50 years.

When John began his seminar, he so sweetly used a phrase that was often used by David, “It is a joy to be with you.”  Then what followed was the most wonderful, powerful, profound seminar which was spoken directly to our hearts, with the theme of forgiveness as a method of letting go, offering a doorway into greater ability to hold the Light, giving more space to expand our soul awareness.  Thank you Beloved Traveler.

The Seminar is now available on That Which Is by searching for Boston 2023.

The Boston Event was marvelous from start to finish.  Only it isn’t finished!  The process of expanding in our loving commitment continues and invites us into even greater manifestation.  The Traveler visit expanded our personal ministries as well, giving us the opportunity to come together in person, to celebrate as a community after a long hiatus following the pandemic, and be in the greater joy of our loving hearts.  All was opened, nurtured, and blessed by the Traveler.

I am challenged to express for all of us here in New England the profound gratitude and loving that we have for John and Leigh.  On the word level, I’m at a loss. So I ask you, and I know you understand, to just go into your own hearts and you will find our message of gratitude that is radiating in joy, with the deepest, most profound THANK YOU from our spiritual hearts.  We know that God blesses us all!  Baruch Bashan.

We include a few wonderful photos by Joanie Kurkian Moritz and Kate Megan of the venue and of some of those attending and assisting.  Enjoy!

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