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Discourse Subscribers Event with John Morton (standing) in New York City at the home of Paula Beldengreen, May 2023. (Leigh Taylor-Young Morton and MC Janet Ellis embrace in the photo banner above).

The Blessings of the Traveler LIVE in New York City!

In early May, New York City and beyond had the immense pleasure of welcoming John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young Morton to town for the first time in five years. Several of those years were travel-restricted, and the folks here in NYC were delighted to receive the Traveler and his beautiful energy in person again.

Two evening seminars were held in the home of Rev. Paula Beldengreen on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The first was an open seminar with Valeria Aloe as MC and live Spanish translation by Melba Alhonte. A full house, many of us hadn’t seen each other in person since before Covid. Several hundred people joined online, many experiencing the Traveler’s blessings for the first time.

With the warmth of John’s sharing and caring, those of us who have been with him before had the opportunity for renewal and grace – a blessed booster shot, if you will. As people left, some were seen leaning against the walls of the hallway to get grounded. It was that kind of transformative event.

The second evening was for Discourse subscribers. Again, people were giddy to be with each other and overjoyed to see John and Leigh. This was a room full of people who love the Traveler and were ready to celebrate that. And again, many MSIAers participated beyond the room online.

As I stood before the room as MC, with Leigh next to me and John straight ahead ready to go, I felt I was on holy ground. The Light was galactic. People got to share with the Traveler in a feast of loving. It was beautiful. It was transformative.

With their willingness to serve, creativity and loving, many people contibuted to the success of these evenings. Special thanks to Paula for opening her home to us, to Staff who worked all day doing services, to all the technical wizards, to Mitchell Brozinsky for doing more things than anybody saw and Joan Beisel for her tireless service.

Thank you, John, for sharing your loving vision, grace, blessings, and always being available to us, in person and elsewhere – and to Leigh for bringing so much Light.

Rev. Janet Ellis

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