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John Morton at the Power of Living Love Workshop at MSIA's Conference of the Power of Living Love, June 2023

The Power of Living Love

“Let’s consider that we can make a move so we have something we might call mastership in living love. Do you have that willingness? Would you put that on a card with your name on it and hand it out to people? Master of Living Love. Here you go.” – John Morton

This article and blessing are taken from John Morton’s sharing at The Power of Living Love workshop held at the June 2023 Conference.

With the power of living love, willingness is very important for all of us. Then notice all along the way, we keep stepping into the Light no matter where we step or even if we step up to run. Because we are in a place where all kinds of things are converging.

What’s going on in the world allows for something that opposes, resists, defies, or denies love. The power of the love is to allow that until that’s enough. You understand that? The negativity doesn’t really take over. It never did. What I look at in what we’re doing is we are waking up to the power of love that is undeniable and unstoppable.

I’ve been taking on my version of doing the power of living love with you, because that’s how it works. If I’m going to work with you, the power of living love is also doing it. Then I could be with you. And then I could have what comes from that. In Insight, we look at the order. So which order is it? Is it Have, Do, Be? Or Be, Do, Have? It’s Be, Do, Have.

Let me say that in another way in the teachings of the Traveler. It’s working from the top down. So we’re working from the Being level. Long ago that was discovered as something we could do inside within. It’s always with us. This presence is always with us.

The focus of John-Roger’s Psychic Reintegration & Body Relaxation Process, which is a guided process available on, is to reintegrate us. That’s how it’s termed. Yet we are already integrated. So it’s revisiting, then also finding out how deep can we do that.

Spiritually, we’re already doing that. We’re already doing what would be integration. It’s already in place. Then there’s something about this level that always brings us to a greater opportunity. So then it would be a blessing to be here. Any amens on that one? Yes, amen.

What I’m inviting you to do is to let go in whatever it is that is in process for you, so you can maximize the room for what is in process coming from the highest consciousness that’s in each one of you. This is something in the teachings. We are going to be known by those results, the fruits that come from our “Be, Do, and Have” and what is that in the world. Then the power of living love would be more power to live in love.

When we do the power, sometimes that works like we give it away. We give the love that we have to give, and then we give it as much as we can. I’m sure you’ve had some moment like that in your life where you loved with all your might, with all your body, with all you got. That’s what it is. And then it has more power in that. Are you ready for that?

One of the reasons I ask that is the power of living love doesn’t inflict. So if you do or say something like “No” or “I’m not sure,” what we call contraction, then it would in some way go with that. But the power of living love doesn’t ever go to a place where it is not available to you. So once the power of love has forgiven, and then done to the fullness of what that is, do you have any idea what that would be? The fullness of forgiveness?

Forget it. It’s like it’s no longer in the field. So even if we tried to remember it, we couldn’t because it’s not there.

Where does our mind go? It goes to the forgiveness. And even the mind is forgiven. Then at some point the mind does something like convert itself into what is forgiveness. My mind is forgiveness. Well then, whose mind is forgiveness?

The mind in the Christ. Then the mind that is in the Christ is anointed of the Holy Spirit. So it would be the mind of the Holy Spirit. And what would that be? That would be the presence of God’s mind. Do you have willingness towards that?

We’re calling it out. If we can do it where two or more are gathered, however that’s working wherever you are, then it’s around the planet. And then it has a localized aspect to it. It’s being done in the flesh. All those who frequent the flesh have access to it.

It’s in that thing clocks do when they are situated in the same room. At some point, they’re all in synchronicity. You might wonder, who is the power clock in the room? Like who’s the one that says, “You all are going to follow my pendulum! Get that or else!”

I’ve heard this story before because it’s fairly well known, as a scientific kind of study, that was discovered by somebody in Switzerland because that’s the land of clocks. They looked at what was done. The first part was, “Did that really happen? I’m going to make sure we have clocks that aren’t in synchronicity. I’m going to put them in the room again and go home after the day is done.” Then when it happened again, somebody somehow went in there to be in there with the clocks.

I’m laughing because I’m seeing how Disney might construct this into a story. I would be interested in what happened. Like how long did it take? My mind was like, maybe the clocks are saying, “Are they gone? Let’s do what we do as clocks. But when we’re around them, we do something like keep time with what they do. But when we’re together, we’re in synchronicity.” We are getting on to that.

One of the questions that’s here is what would the power of living love do in the fullness of what it is? Then you could have some of that in your own consciousness. What would the full power of living love actually do? Maybe it would do something like all the clocks would be in synchronicity in how they keep time. Then what would that mean? Something like we’re all together. Then what? Well, maybe some kind of cuckoo comes out every once in a while! Because they have some pretty amazing clocks around, not just in Switzerland.

Let’s consider we’re in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness when we’re doing Insight Seminars and the Awakening of the Heart and Experiencing Self-Awareness now. I’m in my Natural Knowing. So with what that is, we would do all of what integrates us into the power of living love. We’ve been doing that for a long time.

Let’s consider that we can make a move so we have something we might call mastership in living love. Do you have that willingness? Would you put that on a card with your name on it and hand it out to people? Master of Living Love. “Here you go”.

What if they say, “Excuse me, how do I contact you? Where can I find you?”

“Maybe you’ll have to follow me to figure that one out”. I give you my card, and then I keep moving. That’s in play too. Then what if you’re the one who’s having the following? Would you do that in living love?

There’s a movement in opposition. You’ve probably heard about that. Every once in a while, we take a look. “What’s that thing doing these days? Is it doing much different?” Not really, in my point of view. It’s just whatever kind of againstness is allowed, but it’s not allowed to take over. In a way, you could relax because living love is always on the way.

“Do you mean that in terms of where I’m going?” Yes.

“Do you mean that like it’s coming to me, like a rescue?” Yes.

“Reinforcements?” Yes. “I’m thirsty?” Yes. “I’m hungry?” Yes. Living love is taking care of that.

Part of it is taking care of yourself. We need to do the basics so that we can be liberated to get into the highest powers of living love. Are you willing to do that?

I love that it can be called out in some pretty simple ways. That makes a lot of sense to me, like common sense. In some ways, I look at it like I already know things like eat less processed sugars, less processed anything really. Foods you take in, anything you take in that stays in its natural order is better for taking care of yourself. If it is something like a poison, then you would know, “I don’t need that. That doesn’t really help my vitality or how I function in the higher powers.”

We apply some of these things so then we can access the higher powers as we go about this. Then in some ways the opportunity is that we can go anywhere and always be in the power of living love because we ARE the power of living love.

I am the power of living love. Can you say that?

We are the power of living love. Can you say that?

Then whenever they ask you, “What does this mean you are the master of living love?” You say, “Well, I am the power of living love.” You follow that with, “We are the power of living love.” They may start running at that point.

I suppose the next thing you’re going to ask is for helping you with your power of living love. That works in a really beautiful way because it just becomes “What are you experiencing now?”  That’s in your heart. You can give that some focus, wherever you want to take that focus of what you’re experiencing. I’m inviting you to take it into something so you could go ahead and be aware of what living love would do in your life in the greatest way.

Baruch Bashan

Blessing of the Power of Living Love

We’re going to put everything in the Light. That’s an invitation to everybody all at once. So there is a clearing and letting go.

We do this through the Mother, Father, God, that is the anointing of the Holy Spirit, in this consciousness that applies itself personally to us individually.

We’re in this consciousness of the Christ. And we’re also awake spiritually as we choose to go into the highest consciousness. So we choose that by letting go of what would keep us in the lower nature, in the lower levels of consciousness.

We do that also giving it to the One who is anointed as the Christ. Eventually we’re going to find out that is who we are. But we can use the transference, the convergence of that consciousness.

We do this through the Walking in the Light. Then we do it through calling in the Light. We do it through the anointing we call initiation into the names of God, and through the consciousness of the Traveler.

By doing this, we also need to let go of any form of negativity. In the power of living love, we can do that completely. We can have an experience that we are a consciousness completely clear of negativity.

We also have it as who we are. We know this is our nature. We know we are already in this. So we’re also completely what we came into these negative reflective worlds to do.

This is the love of God, up close and personal.

Now in my heart I hear, “I love you, God.”

Then you might say, “Well, I said that.”

Yes, and God said, “I love you,” and then, “Yes, I am God.”

Baruch Bashan

3 thoughts on “The Power of Living Love”

  1. Monica Winston

    Thank you so much for making this article available! ✨
    I am the power of living Love….that is my intention, and my purpose, my deepest prayer of thanksgiving, my utmost joy, and I am willing to keep choosing and expanding into greater awareness of this truth. Loving, Monica

  2. So beautiful and clear. Thank you John. Repeating “I am the Living Love” “we are the Living Love” is having the blessing of that was over me.

  3. Marcia Grubbs-Weiss

    How beautiful, thank you John. Repeating “I am the Living Love” and “We are the Living Love” is having the blessing was over me.

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