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Elizabeth Frumin (at center) on the 2023 PTS Israel Tour

Thank You for the Israel Tour and One Accord PAT Training


I wanted to write a thank you to MSIA, the Presidency and to John for allowing me the experiences offered by the Israel tour and One Accord PAT training.

As a raffle winner recipient, I did not make the financial contribution that the Church and participants made. I came with my contribution and commitment with my heart, soul, love, light and service that this path teaches. My intent was to be a commutator of the Spirit, to be the Christ as best I could and to serve, while clearing what might block this expression of loving and ministry.

I found that there was a sanctification that took place, and now, I hope to be a better servant of God’s love, light and sound.

I was blessed to serve as an ordaining minister for an ordination that took place on the trip too, which was an added opportunity to allow the Spirit to serve one who can share of this power of love more fully.

Walking the land of Israel, I did my best to be the light and offer this to this holy land.  I believe the land is holier because we walked it.

As I continue my path here in the 10% of God’s creation, I have more references inside for living from the inside out, practicing J-R’s teachings as an initiate and minister while  looking for the good in all people and things and leaving the rest to God, (who has it anyway.)

Thank you all for doing God’s work in this world, for supporting we all who are choosing back, and for supporting me personally, as I/we move into God’s heart.

I am extremely grateful and intend to continue my loving service and intention to the Traveler and our Church.

Love, love and God bless you all.


Elizabeth Frumin


7 thoughts on “Thank You for the Israel Tour and One Accord PAT Training”

  1. Elizabeth you are such an incredible example to me of ‘devotion’. Often I would wake up in the middle of the night and see you sitting up straight doing ‘Se’s. You were also a great roomate. Thank you.

  2. Well said and you ARE doing, serving and living the teachings. Thank you and continued blessings and grace to you.

    1. Thank you, Juliana. I keep learning and expanding my selves into the awareness that I am the Beloved, and that the Beloved and I are truly one, doing this work in the world.. I appreciate your sharing here. Love, light, and peace your way.

  3. Was wonderful to spend the time with you in Israel dear friend and get to do a PAT Process with you….The Blessing already are

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