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(left to right) Jsu Garcia, John Morton, Leigh Taylor-Young Morton on the rooftop of the Notre Dame Hotel in Jerusalem, August 2023

Happy 89th Birthday John-Roger!

J-R passed in 2014 on October 22, at 2:49 a.m. A month before that, we were in Israel celebrating J-R’s 80th birthday on Sept 24, 2014, on the rooftop of the Notre Dame Hotel in Jerusalem. It was a chilling and miraculous night.

Flash forward nine years later—the same place but this time with John Morton and 100 folks on a PAT IV-type trip. My take-aways for the Israel Tour 2023 with Traveler John was a completion of Jesus to Sananda, connecting to the Pentecost and coming into the One Accord. We were pilots for the world; 100 folks became one for 8 billion folks.

Much of what we did day-to-day is on Facebook or reported in the New Day Herald (NDH). I experienced myself working the trip. Though I was rusty in some ways, it’s in my DNA to be a leader. Leslie Boyer and I were Bus 2 leaders. Nicole, Leslie, and I were the Health team with Nicole taking the lead. Many players and many bricks on the wall of this One Accord made the trip happen, and thus there are many to thank.

As we were on that rooftop of the hotel looking out at the Sun’s rays reflecting off the dome of the rock with the balmy air and joy sparkling throughout, I sensed our coming into the Oneness. We hit a sound chord; the sound was everywhere. I experienced how we can tune to it much faster, and how SE’s seemed easier. The presence of Travelers John, J-R, and Jesus did something to support this. I have to add the Preceptor as well.

This experience kept going for the rest of my trip into Europe starting with my going to Sofia, Bulgaria, to support Insight IV. John and LTY did a presentation as well as their MSIA work there. Joey Hubbard, Leslie Boyer, and Vitaly Fomin were the facilitators who completed the Insight IV training. I also handled some initiations and ordinations along with MSIA staff.

Bulgaria was a new backdrop on the Upper Room feel, which is still vibrating inside me. Nicole, Sherie Wylie, David Jaramillo, and Rudy Contreras went to Egypt to carry on the invisible work. Meanwhile, John, LTY, staff, and friends were off to Spain, Strasbourg, and London.

After London, I went on a personal trip I had planned for a year, based on following inner guidance from a dream I had where J-R told me to go to Oxford University. Oxford has 39 colleges, and I landed in Christ Church taking a seven-day Anthropology course. Room and board was included. A Traveler that is listed in “Travelers Through the Ages” went to Christ Church. I could feel this energy continuing from Israel to Oxford. This energy opened the heavens and is available for us all.

I took this energy with me to Amsterdam, Nice, and Dublin as I continued to share my ministry, staying in the Living Love as J-R’s ambassador. Remembering the rooftop in Jerusalem and the wind and the sound of that day, I am grateful for the trip and grateful to John, J-R, and Jesus.

Happy 89th Birthday John-Roger!


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