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John Morton at the Conference of the Power of Living Love in June of 2023

The Harmony of Peace

“My view on peace, is that it is an energy in harmony with all things, always present in any circumstance, whether or not we bring our awareness to peace.”
– John Morton

This is an excerpt from a sharing with John Morton that took place during an Internet Seminar on August 13, 2002. In response to a request for assistance in anchoring into peace in greater ways, John shared the following:

My view on peace, is that it is an energy in harmony with all things, always present in any circumstance, whether or not we bring our awareness to peace.

If we went into a cacophonic occurrence – a convergence of sounds – we would be aware of many sounds, some disturbing.  Within those many sounds, no matter how disturbing, is the sound of peace.  As we are attuned to hear the various sounds, we can also become attuned to the vibration and energy of the peace.  It affects us.

That sound would pacify us in a wonderful way, because we are attuning to that sound, not other sounds that bring conflict, dissonance, and disturbance.  Harmonically, there is a vibration that comes as an oscillation that sets up the harmonics for all the other instruments.  In a symphony orchestra, the oboe plays a tone and then everybody finds that tone and vibrates to it.

If you put forty clocks that have pendulums, all in different stages of rhythm, eventually all the pendulums will come into the same rhythm.  What is that?  There is a natural unifying harmonic.

Peace is of a higher vibration than disturbance, conflict, againstness and negativity.  Eventually it will bring everything into its harmonic.  But there is an allowance for an instrument that is not of peace, so that inharmonious and disturbing things can be brought into the field where peace is vibrating.

If your attention is drawn and attuned to againstness, you won’t even hear the sound of peace.  You will declare, “There was not peace there! It was just a bunch of disturbance.”  It was there.  “Well, how do you hear it?”  I hear it past the disturbance.  It is the kind of thing you hear in the silence, in between the notes that are inharmonious and dissonant.

In a percussive instrument there is a beat, and there is also a sound in between the beats. When something is struck, there is also a vibration that can be heard that is not what’s being struck.  It is part of the harmonics of what is going on.  You are listening more for the peace that is within the occurrence, not necessarily what is the loudest or gets most of your attention.

That is a discipline – to come into a fight and be at peace.  How do you do that?  It is not an easy thing to do.  You come in realizing, “I am not here for the fight.  I’m here for the peace.  I am not listening to the drums of war.  I am listening to the stillness of peace that is present and within all things.”  Learning how to be attuned to that will naturally allow you to be aware of peace in all the various instruments that are being played.

Peace is in the stillness.

Peace is in the harmony of all things.

Baruch Bashan

Imagine You are a Vehicle of Peace

by John Morton, DSS

The following peace prayer was delivered by John at the Gathering of Peacemakers on July 1, 2004 in Universal City, California.

We are going to do an expanded version of the Peace Prayer.  Let’s call it a peace prayer for eternity if you so dare.  I do.  Why not?  If we can even consider that such a possibility exists, we might just nudge the universe such that it can take place.

One of the ways I look at the peace prayer process is that it is not just seeding, but taking care of that which has been seeded, tending to it, demonstrating that we want what the seed is about, which is peace in our lives and beyond us.  Just consider that part of it.  Just to know individual, inner peace is in itself, a great accomplishment.  I’m talking about having that translate so that it becomes something all around, everywhere, so we can behold it.

Consider that in a small way, a thirty-two-day process is one where it is seeding every day for world peace.  In that process, of course, you take care of yourself.  I am going to invoke with you the creative imagination.  If you can adjust yourself in some way so your creative imagination is “on,” please do that.  If it’s already fully engaged, that is wonderful.

Imagine you are a vehicle of peace.  It doesn’t have to be anything more than being aware that your breath is peaceful.  As you take it in, greater peace is present.  As you give it out, greater peace is present to wherever your breath can go.  You can see your breath coming from a source of peace.  In my imagination, I can see it as a source like the sun.

As the energy of peace radiates down from that source, it becomes particles that are in the air, that can be breathed in.  As you breathe in, you are taking in these particles of peace.  As you breathe out, you also, radiate the particles of peace to wherever they are needed.  First, the peace comes to you from the source of peace.  Then it goes out.

This process is also an invocation.  Part of the invocation is to look upon others, saying, “God Bless You.”  In your mind’s eye, see and hear yourself saying to others, “God Bless You,” and in turn hear them saying, “God Bless You.”  Notice that every time you say those words, you hear more voices saying, “God Bless You.”

Add the words, “I Love You.”  Every time you breathe out, you hear the words, “I Love You.”  As you breathe in, you hear the words, “I Love You” or “We Love You.”

There are three more words that are part of the prayer.  “Peace, Be Still.”  Peace is the awareness of this presence, tranquility, harmony, and silence.  In the midst of great turmoil, there is still silence.  We are reminded in those words, “Be still,” of the quiet, silence and calm that is always present.

As you visualize the particles of peace coming in and going out, say the words, “God Bless You. I Love You.  Peace, Be Still.”

Now, let us hear these words become louder.  In our imagination, we can hear these words spoken so they could be heard all at once across the planet.  Imagine a moment when every person, every sentient being hears, “God Bless You, I Love You. Peace, Be Still.”

Imagine everyone stopping to hear these words and experiencing their meaning.  A moment where all across the world, everywhere and in every culture, in every language we all hear, “God Bless You.  I Love You.  Peace, Be Still.”

Resources for Peace

There are many seminars, meditations, and books by J-R and John that are great resources for creating greater peace in your life. These are available for purchase on the MSIA website and many are also available for your listening/viewing pleasure on “That Which Is” premium subscription.  Here are three we highly recommend:

Spirit of Peace by Leigh Taylor-Young Morton & Gathering of Peacemakers by John Morton

Luxor Meditation for Peace and Harmony by John-Roger

Loving Each Day for Peacemakers by John-Roger

More information about “seeding” is available at

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