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Awareness and Unawareness

“The Beloved is that form that you are becoming through your expanded awareness. The “problems” of your life are part of that expanded awareness. They are part of that process of meeting the Beloved.”
– John-Roger

This article was first published in Rod & Staff MSIA Newsletter, Summer 1988.

The process of spiritual inner awareness is and always has been one of self awakening. He who thinks he is awake still sleeps. And he who thinks he may be asleep will awaken. That paradox seems to be the eternal verity for this time and dispensation. So even as you walk this path towards self awakening, even as you ride this current of Light and Sound, even as you more perfectly maintain your balance as you walk through this land of reflected Light, you feel the restrictions of the physical plane and, at the same time, become more and more conscious that you walk with the Beloved beyond all time and space. In multi-dimensional consciousness all things do exist simultaneously, and your awareness extends through all levels and planes of beingness.

The Beloved is that form that you are becoming through your expanded awareness. The “problems” of your life are part of that expanded awareness. They are part of that process of meeting the Beloved. The problems of this life should never be looked upon as manifestations of despair or depression or guilt or anything else within the negative factors of Light. “Problems” should only be looked upon as factors of unawareness. The problems and the solutions are all caught up in that word “aware.” Not being aware of what to do creates a problem. Being aware brings forward a solution.

There is an on-going struggle between the magnetic polarity of the earth forces and the Holy Spirit. The forces of the earth, the negative, Kal forces seek to keep you in immortal sleep, unaware of the higher realities of Light. The Holy Spirit, the essence of God, seeks to move you into immortal awareness. So, one part of you cries out and strives for God consciousness, and the other part asks only to dream on.

That which strives for awakening must learn to become aware of Self. That thrust for the awakening and preservation of Self leads to a positive type of selfishness that is one of taking care of Self. Negative selfishness wants people to live their lives the way you want them to. That’s negative. But positive selfishness says, “I will live my life according to the dictates of the God within…and you can do the same.” That is a beautiful, selfish, practical way to live. That way allows you to walk with the Beloved.

The Beloved has been called many names. It has been called Christ, Buddha, Allah, the inner master, the Mystical Traveler…many names. But in the greater truth, it is all of those things and more. It is everything that exists in any dimension…anywhere, anyplace. Your job is simple. Your job is to find the quality of the Beloved within your Self. You don’t need to go anywhere. You don’t need to look outside of your Self. All you need do is awaken to the true self within you.

The Consciousness of the Mystical Traveler is special because it has the ability to move within you, to reside within and, at the same time, to radiate out so that you can see it. It has the ability to move where there is no movement, to hold steady where nothing can hold steady, to clarify where there is no clarification, to love where there is no love, and to be joyful in the midst of despair. You are heir to this Consciousness. The Consciousness of the Traveler already resides within you. It is your true Self. All you must do is awaken to that. It is the center of your beingness…what we call the Beloved.

Baruch Bashan

3 thoughts on “Awareness and Unawareness”

  1. Thank HU so much for the loving reminder, dearest JR
    SO appropriate at this time on our planet.
    LFTHG for all
    Much gratitude

  2. With joy and gratitude, what if my awakening is as simple as to be loved? The grace is that in loving I am Beloved. Thank you J-R, Travelers, all Beloveds.


    OMG! This photo of J-R breaks my heart open … and Love pours in and out. I stared at it for a long time … traveling with my Forever Beloved Traveler and Heart of My Heart. Nothing touches me as deeply.
    And then this article: Awareness & Unawareness! Directly from Beingness to Beingness. The Beloved to The Beloved. How can mere words open The Infinite Heart & Soul? How can mere writings sing Soul Awakening? This IS The Mystical Traveler. Thank you, Beloved! Forever I Am …

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