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MSIA Presidency (left to right): David Jaramillo, Jeffrey Morgan, Mark Lurie, Paul Kaye, Sherie Wylie, Vincent Dupont

MSIA Presidency Update — January 2024

Thanks to your generosity and participation (and a lot of help from our boss, the Lord Jesus Christ), MSIA had a solid and stable 2023. The successful PTS Travelers Holy Land Tour of Israel was one of the highlights of the year, along with online offerings like Blessing this Day, PTS’s flagship monthly MSS, DSS and Harmonic Self Programs, and the abundant availability of weekly courses and self-paced workshops. Find all this and more on the fabulous PTS web site.

THAT WHICH IS just keeps getting better. We now have over 1,000 monthly subscribers and our goal is to double that. In addition to work done to improve the TWI app’s technical performance, several features were added this year. For example, you are now able to see the history of what you have watched.  You can also change the order of play for the selections within your customized playlists through a simple drag-and-drop function. And there are now eight titles in the Audiobooks playlist, with more on the way. 

Living in Grace at Asilomar was the perfect cap to the year.  The new meeting room for the retreat was comfortable, intimate and perfect for the size of our group. The retreat’s location at Asilomar on the Monterey Peninsula is the ideal place for folks to take time to reflect, share with the Traveler, make new friends, and deepen their connection with God through Grace.  We encourage everyone to attend Living in Grace. There will be no Traveler’s tour in 2024, so please consider starting saving for December’s Living in Grace.    

We are super excited to announce our brand new Self-paced program, Walking in the Light is now available. It’s the first time that recordings of this sacred journey of initiation into the Christ has been offered.  It’s a very deep dive into this course, one of our most popular, over nine months. (You can find other great self-paced courses by visiting

At the December ministers meeting, Paul Kaye shared the idea of Grace tithing.  Folks who tithe know the blessings that come with being a joyful giver, putting God first in our lives over the materiality of this world.    We tithe to the source of our spiritual connection, and, as J-R tells us, it is done in the Spirit in which dwells MSIA.  Grace tithing is a way to tithe on blessings that happen in our world for which we cannot attribute a monetary value (for example, an accident that was narrowly avoided). We give to Spirit in gratitude for the grace bestowed upon us, as a way to say from our hearts, “Thank you.” Other examples could be finding an important lost item, arriving safely home in a storm, getting a positive health checkup.   Since there is no tangible increase to tithe on, the amount of a Grace tithe is whatever you get inside is the right amount.

Paul shared that he and his wife, Shelley, write their grace moments in a journal tracking the blessings that come forward.  And in a creative way for the basic self to acknowledge and focus on the grace received, they put a small gold colored card in a jar. It’s a meaningful and fun way to watch the abundance of grace grow in their lives.  Focusing on grace begets more grace.  The more we focus on grace, the more it is present.   Grace tithing is another great way to bring in and celebrate abundance.

Last year was a terrific one for HeartFelt with so much new activity. In particular, expanding into a global network of HeartReach coordinators and volunteers to serve our MSIA community, expanding online offerings, maintaining core offerings in HeartReach like the HeartReach Bulletin and Circle of Light.  There is more to come this year. This year we plan to build on this momentum by adding service workshops through PTS and monthly HeartFelt service opportunities in the LA area and globally through monthly service focus areas. Stay tuned!

God Bless you and thank you for participating in MSIA, and for all that you give in so many ways. As J-R would constantly remind us, “It is the loving that makes all this work.” We love and appreciate you!

The MSIA Presidency – Paul, Vincent, and Mark
MSIA Presidency Succession – David, Jeffrey, and Sherie 

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  1. In profound gratitude for all of the service you have given in a consciousness of love to this church and to each of us in it.
    It keeps getting better and better.

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