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John Morton takes sharing at the Living In Grace Retreat, December 2023

In the Line of the Traveler

“In the Traveler’s work in this world, there is room for many more. What would we do with many more willing to do the work?  I don’t know exactly, but I know it can be done because it is in our ministry.” – John Morton

This article comes from John’s sharing at Living in Grace held at Asilomar Conference Center in December 2023.

Are you getting to a place where your life is easy?  Are you putting yourself in the line of the Traveler?  I’ll raise my hand!  Someone might say, “You’re already the Traveler.  You are in the line.  You don’t have to get in the line.  It’s recorded.” There is more.  The line is going higher.

All souls are in the line of the Traveler and all souls are soul initiates.  Then you have a physical level initiation.  You have a body on the physical level, and the physical consciousness is awakened spiritually.  Do you want to move that up?  That is the opportunity in the world.  It’s a great opportunity because of the accessibility we have into the heart of God consciousness.

We can line up the constellation of our consciousness in a direct line into the heart of God.  How do you do that?  Put in order my physical, astral, mental……oops, causal.  Can’t forget that!  I did one of those leaps into the realm above the realm above. I lapsed.

It doesn’t work like that.

How it works is we conduct ourselves in such a way that we are in the attunement.  That allows us access because that is a masterful alignment.  Someone may say, “I did it through grace.”  How did you do that?  Christ Jesus established it.  Once he established it, it was available to any soul who chose.  When the soul chooses, it still has to put the body on the line, show up and chant the name.

There is something that doesn’t quite want to go higher.  There is a lot of that going on, on this planet.  It’s called resistance, distraction, and distortion.  “I lost my way, so what the hell, it doesn’t matter.”  Yes, it does.  In the law it all matters.  Everything in every moment.  Jesus pointed this out.  Some may ask, “Isn’t it the act?  When I’m only thinking about it that’s not a sin, right?”  No, that is a sin.

Well, who could manage that?  Really hold the mind so I’m not even thinking outside the attunement with the love of God.  To me that means I’m going to surrender because I do not know how.  But it’s brought, so if I seek it, then it is opened unto me.  It’s still called upon us to step into it and rise up in it.  It does it in the level we can handle. Can you do an inch?  I can do an inch.

What did you do?  I turned to the stuff that tempts me and got into it for a binge weekend.  Well, that weekend binge is costing you. It will be a while before you are back in this opportunity again.  Is that punishment?  No.  That is what you did.

Grace brought you into an open field.  When it was handed to you, you didn’t choose back.  You were told to choose back, to do what I am doing.  I’m showing it to you.  You can do this. It is always shown this way.  It’s not like you can’t do it. It is shown to you because you can do it.

That can be, “Well, I just grabbed the garment and that’s all I did.”  You did what you could.  You reached out to what was available to you.  Look what it did for you.  It cleared your sickness immediately! How did that happen?  You had faith that if you touched even the garment on the body of the consciousness, and then it was not the garment.  It is your faith.  You considered, “If I just touch a little part of the garment, I’ll get some little healing.”  No.  You are going to get the whole thing!

Let yourself speak for the soul.  That is allowed.  Let the soul speak.  You may say, “It’s such a quiet voice.  I think it’s bashful.”  No.  It waits for you to allow it.  It does not push on you, but if you call upon it, it will come.  If you say, “I’m not ready,” it’s already backing away.  If you are hesitating a bit, it is not going to inflict.

Speak it with certainty.  How?  With all your body, mind, and spirit.  That’s how.  You may say, “I don’t know if I have that trust.”  Well, get it.  When Spirit has a moment with you, it is saying, “Come, follow me.”

In the Traveler’s work in this world, there is room for many more. What would we do with many more willing to do the work?  I don’t know exactly, but I know it can be done because it is in our ministry.  Basically, “Go forward into the world….”  There is a part that is to minister to yourself.  That’s your first ministry.  Make sure you are intact inside.

You are going home.  How long did it take you to know that?  It’s not about time.  I know I’m going home.  Well then, what are we doing here?  One of the blessings when we get together, relate, and hold for each other in a process of releasing and clearing, is that we help each other get more attuned.  There is value in that level of work.

I am in gratitude for what we have to make the teachings available and especially who we have to do that work.  This is my spiritual family.  This is my “field of dreams,” people that don’t have a hard edge about whatever is going on.  I don’t really think that helps much.

If there is somewhere that needed a unison in our power and might in lifting, consider when we pray and send light, that is the power we are using.  Often, my experience is it’s either gone or completed.  I’m empty. I don’t think about it, like, “Oh, look what we did when we sent the light.”  That is not our concern.  Move on.  Let it go.  If I have the experience where I get to witness, I’m good with that.

God bless you.

Blessings with Friends in Spirit

(From Blessings Here and Now)

Lord, bless every one of us

and all who are on this path that we know is a path

in the Christ and the Holy Spirit,

and wherever You take us,

like down the block, into what is prepared.

That we ask for the blessing, we seek the blessing,

and if it’s not found, we bring the blessing.

So wherever we are,

You are with us in Your kindness,

Your sweetness, Your joy and harmony.

And so this day, we let go once again.

We give thanks that we have chosen into this path

You’ve placed before us with the Traveler into the heavens.

And so we are sanctified.

And we give thanks for those who have prepared the way,

particularly those we know as our friends in Spirit.

And that we may consider ourself

as one who is Your friend in Spirit

and in this world forever more.

Baruch Bashan

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