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“Now there are more and more being discovered by this great Spirit of loving until eventually there will be too many who are full of the loving, and then all the killing stops. That’s when the true loving will begin.” – John-Roger

The following article is taken from a seminar that John-Roger gave on PAT-IV in 1987 at Karnak Temple in Egypt.  It can also be found as a video excerpt in the compilation Living Love – The Door to the Consciousness of Soul.

All we’re saying is “Love me.” And all we’re saying is “Let me love you.” Then we start back in the human game called “Maybe I will and maybe I won’t. How much love have you got and how much am I worth?”

The Bible says, sin is sin. If you broke one of the laws, you’re guilty of breaking them all. Well, that idea has never bothered me because then, if you love a little bit, you’ve loved it all, because it has to work the other way also. And it is nice to know that, even in the midst of being angry at somebody, being jealous, screaming at them, all we’re really saying is, “Can you take a little time and love me? You may not have to hold me. You may not have to touch me. But can you look at me across the room with a special look that I know that you know that I’m here, and that I’m really more than okay, that I’m really adored and I get to adore you back equally?”

I think we want more than love. I think we want our essence to be seen because if someone sees it, then maybe they’ll reflect it to us the way this building reflects its spirit to us. And in that magnificence we can stand in awe of ourself and, no matter what anybody says – no matter what they say good or bad – it will be far, far short than what they might have been able to say were they bigger than the building and bigger than the monuments. And to do that, you’d have to be bigger than your own life. And you may have a lot of things inside of you that have run you. But I care to tell you one thing: this temple doesn’t let you run it. And if you got bigger than this temple, there’s a darn good chance that what’s inside of you, you would not allow to run you. That you would just be the temple where the holy one lives and you would then be not only the temple, but the holy one.

If you discovered it in Egypt, you really could have discovered it anywhere. And people who will not have been on this trip will be able to take a fraction of the time available to them and just move into what we’re into and let it discover them and their mind and emotions – or maybe if you’re lucky, you get to discover it yourself. But so far, humanity has never been able to discover it; it somehow manages to discover us…far too few at a time. Enough are discovered to be sacrificed, and killed, and burned, and mutilated.

But now there are more and more being discovered by this great Spirit of loving until eventually there will be too many who are full of the loving, and then all the killing stops. That’s when the true loving will begin, because then the fear of what others will say and think and do to us will have lost its hold on us because that fear is the greater fear than death. Because with death, you know not what. But you all know “what” when somebody assassinates your character. And when that’s gone and people just let you be what you are, I think at that moment, you are going to start finding that you, as a physical being, might be all of the temples along the Nile and certainly the Spirit that inhabited all of it…and the willingness to stand there for eons for others, if necessary. Because it was spoken by the great master, “When you’ve done it to the least one of these, you’ve done it unto me.”

It brings a question – do you think these temples know that? That they’re standing until the least one of these gets to partake of it? Do we yet know how many millions have gone through? Do they have to come here or do we take it to them? Because we can take in us whatever we see, whatever we hear, whatever we love, we can take in us. When we die, the only things we take are going to be the things that we love. Everything else will have to be returned. And that, that you love, can only be the essence. And so when you find the essence of yourself and you find the essence of the Lord, and you follow that to the loving; then there will be no returning here. But who knows, maybe from on high, you take over some obscure temple and beam down a little bit of Light for somebody who happens to come in that day. And that was the moment of that spiritual existence for you, when they awakened to their own spirit. And then you die to that level and go higher. And they die to this one and go to where you were.

Doesn’t it seem real strange that we’ve done this all before? Some of the temples we know so much about them. They are special. And others we go, “Eh…if that was it, I should have stayed on the boat.” But the second year that you come, you say, the temple that was “Eh” the first year is “Wow” the second year. It’s just because you weren’t ready for it that time. That’s why we do things over, knowing full well that we will repeat and we’ll come into newness because that’s the Spirit we work with.

We don’t have to worry about old age. We don’t have to worry about anything because it’s always a new Spirit that is entirely new every day. I guess we could say it’s youth in its finest eternity because it’s always there. People have said to me, “Doesn’t it get boring?” I go, “No, it’s too new; it’s too exciting.” A lot of them look the same but after you look a little closer, you find out they are newer today than they were yesterday. Not older. Newer. Because something new has come forward to take the place of that that has been growing older. And I just love to think of that as the wisdom of the heart. And the willingness to share.

And do you know what’s funny about willingness to share? We’re always more willing to share when there is no one to share it with, and that can be the moment of our loneliness if we don’t watch out. Because we so want someone to share that with…it is so magnificent. Look in the mirror and share it with the most magnificent being you’ll know. And then you’ll find out that the willing to share can start to come into you all the time.

Not just that emotional high…that’s nice…wouldn’t want to put it down. But when you get to that place where you share with them because it’s you that you share within them, that’s when you start to realize the spiritual essence — that are in the buildings, in the statues, in the hieroglyphics, and the group we’re with — is also in the groups and the people you see today, tonight, tomorrow, forever.  And you start to find out that the statement “When you’ve done it to the least one of these, you’ve done it unto me,” isn’t a statement made just by Jesus; it will be a statement that you will also be able to sign your name to.

At that point, you’ll understand more about being with the Father and the Father with you, and you with the people, and the people with you. Until that point, then all you do is just keep loving them, because even after you understand it, you keep loving them. People have said to me, “what do you get out of loving them?” I said, “Loving…them.” They say, “It’s crazy.” I said, “Even loving the crazy ones is loving ‘them’ and the loving is the big key.” It’s a fantastic thing to, even in the midst of an anger and being able to really tell somebody, you do it through the loving for what is going to go on inside of them, rather than for what their ears are going to hear or their eyes are going to see. Some place inside of them is going to click loving and open a bigger space. Then you think – as they used to in the years after Christ was born when he was supposed to return for the sinners – “Let’s all sin and get Jesus back sooner.” Well, it was sort of fallacious thinking because it didn’t work. So then they said, “Let’s all stop sinning and he’ll get here sooner.” And that was fallacious thinking because Jesus didn’t go any place. There was no place to go. And he may not be coming back because there is no place to come to because it’s already here.

It really boils down to just us being available to being here, to be here to what is here and not to be lost in the figments of the imagination. That’s the romantic ideal that is not there. But seeing the here-ness of things is the fantastic, romantic ideal…but it becomes very real.

Well, as we leave from here, you’ll get a chance to pass back over the same ground you came in. And it’s interesting to see, when you go out, are you the same one that came in? Even a very, very slight difference will be something that will be extremely valuable in the years to come, because we’re not all created equally, we’re all created equally different. And to know that difference is to know our uniqueness and that’s the part we will be looking at:  “Where am I uniquely growing and changing?” And one day, that will all merge into the one, but that’s a little ways yet into your future. But it’s immediately present in your Spirit.

Baruch Bashan


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