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MSIA Florida group at Traveler events in South Florida

MSIA Connects Florida, the Traveler, and the World

When our Florida MSIA community first learned that John Morton and MSIA Staff would be traveling to communities again, we started preparing the way for our own special visit. A small group of devoted ministers showed up monthly, then biweekly, and then weekly for over a year and a half. We connected through Zoom meetings, phone calls, texts, emails, WhatsApp, and in-person. We proposed, investigated, explored, and ultimately co-created two precious evenings with John Morton along with several days of Staff Services with Angel Harper, Vincent DuPont, and Bruce Rosenfeld.

Under the gracious Transcendental Leadership of Elke Hundertmark Bijlani, MSSTL, we coordinated with one another and with MSIA Headquarters. When deposits collected for a PTS workshop in a local hotel did not meet the costs, we quickly shifted to what Spirit showed us was the way – an Open MSIA Seminar and a Ministers and Initiates Q & A all with John Morton in someone’s home.

Elke stepped forward and generously offered her beautiful home in Miami. Through Zoom meetings with Angel Harper and Roger Wakefield, Elke held tours of her home, helping them determine the perfect way to prepare the space for everyone’s comfort and enjoyment.

Judy Jackson with incredible finesse stepped forward to oversee registration for our events and for Staff Services in Jacksonville. Angel Harper and Bruce Rosenfeld graciously served the Jacksonville community. Bruce went on to our MSIA family in Tampa, and Angel and Vincent DuPont traveled to our community in Miami.

Betty Garcia Gonzalez handled a three-day weekend of Staff Services in Miami with her precision, tenderness, and kindness. With the devoted assistance of Elsa Caballero, Karina Otero, and Kathy Behl-Whiting, more than 30 services and several initiations took place to the joy and upliftment of our South Florida community. John Marin lovingly conducted two Baptisms as well. By the time John Morton arrived, our community was already aglow in Spirit’s blessings.

To set up Elke’s home, Skip and Judy Jackson from Jacksonville arrived on Monday and eagerly assisted our beloved Roger Wakefield of NOW Productions. They rearranged Elke’s living room, moved furniture, set up chairs, and wired her home and all the equipment so the events could be recorded and Zoomed worldwide.

On Tuesday afternoon before the Open Seminar, John Morton provided an illuminating Zoom interview with a Cali Radio station, sharing about the teachings of the Traveler and “Knowing Your Soul,” the title of John’s Open Seminar set for Friday, January 26, 2024, in Cali. John shared comfortably and casually from his hotel room in Miami while Clara Jaramillo provided translation from Los Angeles, California. Many of us were blessed to come into the Zoom room in support and gratitude for such a moment of peace and learning with our Traveler.

On Tuesday night, before the Open Seminar, John Morton conducted a precious baby blessing, welcoming the adorable two-month-old son of Simon Torres, baby grandson of Elba Escobar. What a sweet way to begin our events!

John Morton then shared in an Open MSIA Seminar, welcoming newcomers and old-timers with his wisdom, humor, and divine friendship. Elke’s living room overflowed with excitement and people – so much so we sat happily close to one another and even along the stairs and indoor balcony of her lovely townhouse. The night was reminiscent of photos from John-Roger’s early days visiting Miami, giving seminars in homes here. With our Traveler here and now, the teachings were also shared around the world!

On Wednesday night, John returned and answered the questions of Ministers and Initiates throughout the evening. With his loving patience, encouragement, and profound inspiration, John shared about our going forward into the world, ministering to all, while remembering to take care of ourselves and our initiations first. John took questions from those of us in the room as well as online from around the world, including Mexico and Australia. He closed the evening with a “Swan Blessing,” lifting us all even higher. Then we chanted glorious Ani-Hu in oneness, harmony, and deep gratitude.

Spencer Whiting of St. Augustine handled the camera perfectly so viewers could see John up close and personal just as we could in the room. Gaby Grigorescu translated English & Spanish with ease, grace, and absolute delight.

We are basking in the glory of all that came forward through our devotion, dedication, faith, trust, and co-creation. The blessings are not only here and now but pouring forth abundantly. Our MSIA Connects family already set our clear intention to show up and do this again next year for the highest good of all concerned!

Light ahead for grace, ease, and ever-greater joy!

Baruch Bashan

MSIA Florida Connects: Nydia Rey, Elke Hundertmark Bijlani, Judy Jackson, Elsa Caballero, Betty Gonzalez Garcia, Stephanie Cara, & Terilee Wunderman

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  1. Congratulations on such a wonderful gathering of love and light. It was a delight to be a part of the joyous celebration. Thank you to everyone who supported this vision. Many thanks to Elke for her generosity. It was great to see all our friends again. Thankful for Zoom!

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