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Paul Hunting

As Above So Below, So Below As Above

In the video below, Paul Hunting shares a poem he wrote as part of his participation in the Transcendent Leadership (TL) program. In an introduction, Paul explains what prompted him to write the poem and, after the introduction, Paul reads the poem that he shared with the class:

Here’s the poem in text form:

As Above So Below, So Below As Above
A poem by Paul Hunting

There’s rather a lot they dare not mention
The Christ’s real work was in a higher dimension

He truly was a transcendent fellah
But you can’t see much when you’re stuck in the cellar

It seems the truth forbidden
In Shakespeare’s verse is hidden

It’s all told in symbols said the wily Bard
Look at it this way, it ain’t really that hard.

See what he writes with his magical quill
If you’re a bit like me it’ll give you a thrill

Few people realised as God’s plan unfurled
It’s all inside us, we are the world.

So come with us on an inner-world trip
A rocket to the star of mastership

As we go together on our mystical travels
We’ll see the mystery as it unravels

Christ’s one small step upon the waters:
Was a giant leap for his sons and daughters.

In the beginning a day is not really a day
A day is a name the initiates say.

Hewn from the Word, the sound, the name
Came six days to chant – not quite the same.

The first was the True Name that rules all God’s might
Then came the shadow that rules only Night.

Li-Shiva, he came as a serpent called Night
with forkèd tongue and venomous bite.

He lied, beguiled, deflowered the virgin.
Stole the soul and installed a false version.

Our shame by lies and denials was covered.
Banished from heaven never recovered

In twain he tore God’s only begotten
God’s love and sound had mankind forgotten.

He silenced the soul and its heavenly song
Made us worship just right and wrong

We wandered lonely beneath the gable
of the monstrous rule of Cain and Abel.

Born in sin from Eve’s violation
The world became a polluted creation.

Off was cut the tree of life
All mankind was in trouble and strife

Adam and Eve was rent asunder
Our ear fell deaf to the sounds of the thunder

Abr’am was told thou shalt remember
Cut off the end of the honourable member

To woman we give a monthly reminder
And seal the entrance to the vagina

Rukmini’s canal was blocked seven times
To seal Li-Shiva’s terrible crimes.

The light of the world was near extinction.
All because they yearned distinction.

Never again could we chant our tone.
Never again could we find our way home.

We railed and gnashed
but our hopes were dashed.

Eve and Adam were split like a hair.
Love between us we nary could share

But God in his mercy always sees us
Soon as could he sent us Jesus

God in Jesus was born once more.
To end the tyrant and his diabolical law.

Hallelujah! All hail, he comes again –
in thunder lightning and in rain.

The Virgin Mary was by God deflowered.
Their son however was never a coward.

He must be born as ‘bastard’ in a stable
To rid the world of Cain and Abel

In lies and guile was Christ reborn,
to excise the spell of the devil spawn.

Eve’s shame and sin Mary took,
It’s all spelled out in the Holy Book.

Herod took innocence to the slaughter
Slayed first-born sons but spared the daughters

As food in the manger was Christ’s body laid
Waiting for that supper when he’ll be betrayed.

The body and blood Judas would sup
As the sin of the world was all taken up

With sound and fury did he turn the tables
I’m coming to get you Cain and Abel.

As the temple tables hit the floor
Thus upturned was the Mosaic Law

The blind could now see, the lame could now walk,
of his feats of wonder we forever shall talk.

Five thousand initiated with the Word made bread.
The very Word that gave breath to the dead.

Into his body took Christ the devil.
In pain and blood was he now to revel.

Do it quickly to Judas he’d say
In the garden they’d sleep, he’d bleed and he’d pray

God sent an angel to help his brave son
If this is the way, thy will be done

I’ll drink from the cup, the poisoned chalice
I’ll purge the toxin without any malice

With the fatal kiss was Satan’s death sealed.
Now at last could man’s ear be healed.

Pilate’s hands washed off the blood sublime
no water on earth could cleanse his crime.

Barren sceptre in hand crown of thorns upon head
Satan’s reign is soon to be dead.

God cannot be mocked save at your cost
He shall return on the wind at Pentecost.

To the place of the skull the tree of life was borne
Where the kingdom of Satan down was torn

Nailed hands sealed the heaven, his feet the earth
Three days of blood till mankind’s rebirth

On the cross hung Satan in the body of Christ
Vile sons by his breast Shakespeare in his side.

Before destruction goeth our pride
Baruch hashem! All three of them died!

The cries of Adam who felt by God forsaken
Forgive them Father, all sin have I taken.

But again rose Jesus with a laugh and a smile,
‘hang on guys, I’ll be back in a while’.

He harrowed the hells with their terrible yells
Appeared to Mary so she us could tell.

Blood of the hymen the new testament sealed.
Never again could be his promise repealed.

Divine man and woman are one flesh once more.
To enjoy life in bliss like never before.

Look inside and you’ll see very far
God’s infinite blessings already are.

Paul Hunting

1 thought on “As Above So Below, So Below As Above”

  1. WOW Paul! I’m stunned. A bit speechless. Thank you.

    I watched a on GAIA Shakespeare Decoded! WOW brilliant – all the codes, clues and mysteries unravelled and revealed within his works. And right now I can’t remember what they were! I was thinking about you watching it, wondering how it related to what you wrote about.

    Much love

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