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Sharing J-R and Supporting His Organizations

There’s a dream that consistently shows up for me and it’s John-Roger sitting there and no one is sitting next to him. I realize I keep delaying. I have this longing of sitting next to him and wondering why it has taken me so long. Why is it so hard to find him? Real life proposition: “Okay I claim my spot. Taking my place.” Sharing J-R and supporting his organizations is my Ministry.

Returning from South America left me seeking again. This is my sixth time teaching at the Insight IV. Two in Buenos Aires, one in Chile and three in Bulgaria. It’s been an awakening process for me sitting there in the front of the room and seeing myself in all the participants. 44 mirrors reflecting 44 aspects of me.

While sitting in the front of the seminar it hits me that these are John-Roger’s teachings. My participation in USM for 4 years, 2014 – 2018, gave me another aspect of J-R’s teachings. Now jumping into learning Insight II’s, it’s all so J-R.

I have been practicing “Walking in the Light,” since its first workshop in the 1990’s. Now I signed up for self-paced, “Walking in the Light.”  This self-paced is pretty awesome. I remember all the different “Walking in the Light” workshops through the years. It’s a throw back to the J-R golden years. John and J-R working together seems like yesterday. This is a gift. The Traveler consciousness appears in all these platforms. I am not trying to sell you anything. Glad I signed up is all I am saying.

There’s not much else I want to say. I will continue sitting next to J-R. The best is yet to come.

Love ❤️ Light Jsu

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3 thoughts on “Sharing J-R and Supporting His Organizations”

  1. Sending love and Light to your amazing ministry. Very happy to see you taking forward JR’s teachings. Thanks for sharing these wonderful moments

  2. Affection, loving, kindness beams out with light from you from me fron msia JR
    , call for date please , bea

  3. You are a demonstration to all of us of devotion, commitment and action in supporting the work of J-R around the globe.
    Thank you.

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