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Grace Allison Blair (at right) with her friend Donna Fischer

Sharing the Light

Sharing the Light through my Spiritual Heart is one of my favorite things to do.

I have been taking piano lessons for four years. My teacher Donna Fischer has a special heart and Light. We have a special connection.

One day she was complaining about her leg and ankle. I asked her permission to use acupressure on her injury. She said, “yes go ahead.” I called in the Light and Mystical Traveler and began to massage her ankle and leg. Donna’s face softened. She said there was a feeling of peace inside her.

A week later when I came for my weekly lesson Donna said her leg and ankle had healed. She could walk without pain. She wanted to know more about the Light.

The next week I brought her the MSIA book, “Manual on Using the Light.” Donna read it during that week and was bright with Light when I saw her for my next lesson. We talked about the booklet and how to use the Light.

It’s been about a month since she has been using the Light with her family and friends. She would share her ways of how she would send the Light to her family. Donna said it helped her let go of trying to control events to help them. She felt protected and experienced miracles in her life and her family.

Then she asked me if she could use the Light for herself. I replied “of course” and I shared how to do that. Donna had a second job she was struggling with. She kept sending the Light to her job until one day the Light came in and she quit. Within a day she had another job with a friend who she felt the Light with.

This week I brought a copy of “Loving Each Day.” I handed the book to her. She turned to a page and read the phrase and closed her eyes. Donna asked if she could borrow it for awhile. I said “of course.”

I remember when I first was introduced to the Light. I felt joy. I would experiment with sending the Light like Donna is now. It’s her new super power. Yes, it is a power like no other. The Light works. I am grateful for this blessing and the ability to share its glory.

I have purchased several “Manual on Using the Light” books and now am giving them away. Cool present to give.

God Bless the Mystical Traveler’s love in me and all I share. So grateful for MSIA, its staff, John-Roger, John Morton, and Prana. It’s been fifty years since I felt the twaji that flooded my being, opened my spiritual heart and led me to know the Mystical Traveler and the Light within. The blessing of the Light goes before me, behind me and keeps me  in touch with my spiritual heart and loving.

Love and much, Light, Light, Light,

I am,


Grace Allison Blair, Author


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