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Marjorie Eaton with Jsu Garcia at the MSIA Philadelphia Events, May 2024

MSIA Philadelphia Events – How Do I Love Thee?

Here in the greater Philadelphia MSIA community, the Traveler and MSIA staff came at the end of April and first week of May and so our LovingFest began. First, weeks ahead of time, our Ministers were creating the best of the best loving care in all the teams for our MSIA family. Then Vincent, Angel, Jackie and Bruce arrived handling MSIA services during the week.

The team with open arms greeted every arrival – and “Embraceable You” became my heart song. Getting clear and squeaky cleaned up and royally hugged. And our food team, created yummy healthy lunches for these servants of God of the Travelers Team. More hugs.  When I first arrived, it was wordless – embracing heart to heart with my Beloved’s from California not seen in four years. The timeless loving was beyond words, just home again and again.

Finally, Beloved John Morton the Traveler and beautiful Leigh Taylor-Young Morton arrived and more loving as my friends here were partaking of private counseling, and the weekend hadn’t started yet!  The Beloved’s energy in the hotel became more palpable.

Friday night, the local Ministerial board officiated at the conference center for our Ministers meeting, and it was the first time so many came together since before Covid.  Different was being outside the room in the hallway, loving, greeting and embracing so many beloved friends as they arrived and watching everyone – casually greeting others, some going into the main room, others in conversation – but NO ONE, not anyone, rushing to get into the door to be first up front!  Oh, did that touch my heart, the trusting of them all that God was in charge and we’d all be taken cared of.

For me personally, walking into the room, embracing one loved one after another, it was just one BELOVED family of God, West Coast and East Coast folks all together.  Even the Ministers meeting sharing portion was different as personal sharings were “Quaker style”. We all sat in silence, holding the Light, and as the Spirit moved someone they’d stand and share.  It was creating such a sacred welcoming that even John was able to share personally.

The next day, back to the same sacred sanctuary room, embracing even more folks, or the same ones, and the first event, the Peace Workshop was presented so professionally yet with the warmth of loving by Leigh, followed by John Morton’s sharing. [This is already posted on TWI.]   This is where it started … the weekend of the Presence of the Beloved totally present.

After a luncheon break, then we returned for the Initiates Q&A meeting. [Also on TWI] More loving, more embracing, more hugging heart to heart for me – and so many!!!!  Yes, Johnny got up and shared, and by now he could have been saying “ham and eggs” all the rest of the time – because the Beloved One’s presence was so palpable in the Room.  John-Roger’s presence was everywhere.  In everyone. In everything. There was only this Holy Sacred Oneness of the Glory of God shining through.

Embraceable you – my heart’s fullness – embracing my Traveler here on the planet and embracing my Traveler in Spirit into the heart of God …. And you know what?  J-R, the Mystical Traveler, the Lord Christ IS in every single one of us!  So when we’re embracing Heart to Heart – we’re only holding the Traveler, the Lord, within each other while hugging the person’s body temple.  So, explore it. When you hold your loved ones. Embrace J-R, John and Jesus inside of them and you.

I am loving you all so dearly, and am so grateful,

Marjorie Eaton

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