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The Blessings of the Traveler: Rites of Spring in New York City 2024!

In May, New York City had the joy and pleasure of welcoming John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young Morton to town. The folks that gathered in NYC were delighted to receive the Traveler in-person two years in a row! There were many people who volunteered to make this happen with Mitchell Brozinsky in the lead.

Two evening seminars were held in the home of Rev. Paula Beldengreen on Manhattan’s Upper East Side where you will always feel like a welcome guest. The first was an open seminar with Teodora Spasova inviting us all to come together as a community and doing the MC honors beautifully. It was a grace grace-filled evening with sharing and laughter. There were more than a few people who were “first time” seminar guests. The loving was very present, and sharing reflected this.

The second evening was for Ministers and Initiates. We had the good fortune to have Paige Filla and Chase Wilmont at the front of the room to welcome us, call us forward into our loving. John brought so much honest, powerful loving that everyone got bathed in grace, understanding, and the opportunity to step more fully into our divine selves. If you can find this on That Which It Is…… do that. It was spectacular.

But wait, there is more! A Dinner!

Thank you, Mitchell Brozinsky. You lined things up, set things up, made things happen more than anyone is aware. Among the many gifts from Mitchell was a wonderful dinner we had with over 50 people at a lovely TriBeCa restaurant where we could all eat, have some good visits, and of course John and Leigh were honored guests! As John left, he turned and gave a giant blessing on the group.

Thank you, John, for sharing your loving vision, grace, blessings, and your heart. Being available to us, in person, lends to our gratitude – and to Leigh, who is a breath of Spring! We love you here!

Rev. Janet Ellis

View the Photos from MSIA Events in New York City — May 2024 — Photos by Henry Smith

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