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Taking Good Care Of Yourself

Enjoy this excerpt from John-Roger and Paul Kaye’s book Serving & Giving | Gateways To Higher Consciousness.

Taking Good Care Of Yourself

If you’re depressed, down, or feeling negative, start taking good care of yourself to bring yourself out of what is confining and limiting and restricting you, so that you then have the freedom to be of service to others.

By shifting yourself out of the negative into the neutral or positive you have served yourself.

Most people use the concept of taking care of themselves as a way to feel self-pity or act in a spoiled way. They indulge their senses instead of freeing their senses to the service of God, which would then become their liberation.

So when negative things appear – like discouragement, unworthiness, or jealousy – you can say, “Well, here you are,” and make peace with them, instead of judging them and judging yourself for judging them, and then suddenly you’ve locked yourself in prison. You educate the negative parts of yourself. You don’t need to eradicate them. You love them, and then they will serve you.

You’ll then realize that you’re not in bondage to anything or anybody. You’re at the service of the Lord. And the Lord may be moving you in ways that other people don’t understand: so don’t let people manipulate you into their way if that is not the direction you are going.

I’ve found out that in my work the more I serve, the more opportunity I have to serve, which is also more opportunity to grow and to experience more of God’s Light in everything. It’s just a natural progression.

When I find a restriction or a confinement in me, in someone else, in the world, I do not look at it negatively. I look at is as something that I turn and face and see what it is.

I come to peace with it and then I move on again.

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