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Letting Go into the Sound Current

Eric Lumiere is a musician, singer and songwriter living in Los Angeles.

In my life, the sound current is always there, patiently waiting for me to call its name, to take a moment out of my precious day and spend it with the Beloved, to kneel at the altar of the Word. I bring it closer like an image coming into focus. It does not hesitate, as it is only me that has moved the space between us. I can cover my ears and it is still there – it is not of this world.

I dive into its warm, milky stillness – it’s like riding in a boat on a soft lake in the early morning when the wind is non-existent and there is only peace. I persist to dive further into it, bring it closer, and I direct my intention for it to fill and envelop my entire body. I am aware that I am both the sound and the body, the creator and the creation.

Sometimes I move it through my body like waves to release blocks. It can be a dance where I am both the leader and the follower. Other times I’ll keep my focus on my third eye and crown and the intensity and “closeness” of the sound increases, as if it were written on my forehead. Its infinite honey pours into me purifying all in its path.

Sometimes I grow impatient thinking that it should work faster or that I must have a lot of stuff to clear! What’s my rush? To get back to the world when I am entertaining the Beloved? Sometimes I take for granted what I’m used to, like a typical human being. At other times, in each of my tears you can hear the word “thank you” as I am truly humbled.

I remember hearing J-R sharing something in the vein of, “…once you hear the sound, you never forget it.” I never have. I get distracted, I get fooled by the temptations of the world, but I never forget it what is always alive within me. In each day, I am learning to witness and love myself and others as the preciousness that we are, as if we were just newborns, in that purity and innocence, that complete unknowing, in that perfect dependence on the Word that is the Sound.

I know that the Sound Current IS that pure preciousness, never offending, always loving, always there, watching, being, yet totally active in its great Isness, issuing forth the intention of God. I turn in from the world, remembering where I left off and dive back into the Great Abyss. But like the best of friends, it’s like I’ve never left in the first place. Perhaps I haven’t.

When I write music, I pick up an instrument and play some chords. I’ll start hearing a melody in my head. Even when I’m listening to a produced track, I’ll start singing quickly as I hear a melody. I don’t have to think about it consciously. It comes naturally and fast. It’s one of those magical things in life. I don’t know how it happens, it just does. I can’t remember ever having a lack of inspiration, but I do have times when I think what I’m hearing or coming up with is not good enough. In fact this happens almost daily and is completely normal human behavior.


In spite of me, however, I would say my spiritual connection to the Sound Current/God/Traveler is involved more than I know. Sometimes that connection is very obvious and profound and often times, it’s not. I remember an Angelic presence coming forward when I wrote “You’re Always Here”. It was so powerful, I had tears coming from my eyes as I wrote the song. Songs (and any art form) can be both great clearings and great expressions of Spirit into the world. I am grateful when the Spirit is especially palpable in a specific song that I write or listen to, and I love that such can be true for different songs and different people. In my experience, there are infinite ways the Sound can work through the form.

When I play live, there are many times when I go out of my body, especially in certain songs. Sometimes it’s like my aura/energy is expanding to encompass everybody there. I may go so far out that I start missing notes on the piano or I have trouble singing a few lyrics. One memory I have of Spirit being especially present was when I sang “Messiah” at an MSIA Conference Minister’s Meeting with the Traveler’s band. It felt like a baptism in the sound, and the energy was healing me at the same time as it was going to everyone else. I also remember singing at a dance club in another country once and feeling the Light energy coming off my hand into the audience as I moved it. That was an amazing experience because I could see that Spirit is going to do what it does, no matter what kind of environment I’m in or what kind of music I’m playing…in spite of the form. Even when I’m not perfect, Spirit is. It does it perfectly, and I don’t have to. I can let go of wanting to do things perfectly or be perfect. In one of the J-R books I remember reading something like, “the greatest use of the physical body is to be a conduit of the Spirit/Divine energy.”

One of my greatest intentions for my music, actually for my life, is to be that kind of transport mechanism. It’s an allowing, a getting out of the way and letting the Spirit come through. When I’m recording, sometimes I consciously intend to bring forward as much loving and sound of God as I can, so as I create, the energy goes into the music. It’s nice to be more conscious of the Spirit and consciously participating with the Spirit, and I remember J-R saying that’s one of the reasons we do S.E.’s—to be aware of what is happening on the higher levels.

I used to think I didn’t want to do pop music, that I just wanted to just write music that’s more overtly connected to Spirit. But I realized that’s limiting what Spirit wants to do, because it can come through any kind of music, any form. It can do whatever it wants! Why can’t a song can even be about something silly and ridiculous and still have Spirit involved? And if it can get people dancing, even better.

I’m so grateful that I’m doing music, because in my experience you can’t get much closer to the Sound Current on this level. In the future, I can see myself doing more composing, even without lyrics. The words can be an attempt to get at the truth, but the music is the pure essence. I experience that often when I listen to beautiful classical music by different composers. It can be very close to those higher realms.

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  1. Eric…Thanks for sharing….it allowed me to experience vicariously your experience, a musical window through which to see Spirit’s expression….and then looked inside of myself to see the harmony of similarity……Blessings and Gratitude…..LL, J

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