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An Insight Renaissance

Editor’s note: Insight has been growing fast, with over 6,000 new graduates in the past year. Not since the early 1980’s has there been more of a demand, with seminars and workshops filling to capacity worldwide. On Sunday night, February 28, the Founders Insight I completed in Santa Monica with 216 graduates. Shanti Correa, an independent producer of commercials, music videos, TV shows, documentaries and features, was present at that graduation as one of the twenty assistants who supported the participants through their seminar. Here is what Shanti had to say about her experience.

Often in my life I’ve come across great teachings and great teachers. Some shared messages that carried me forward and reminded me that real strength actually resides in being vulnerable. Insight is one of those places, and I consider it “home.” I say this from having experienced first hand such unity, support and freedom to express who I am. I have taken the seminars as a participant, and helped as a volunteer, and every time I join this incredible community I feel inspired.

Gathering with people from all over the world, of all ages and races, to come together to experience and share what happened at the Founder’s seminar is nothing short of a miracle. I witnessed many people realizing that we come from love, are made of love and we will eventually go back to love, no matter who we are or where we are in this amazing tapestry called life . To me, the miracle resides in becoming aware that we are in this incredible journey TOGETHER!

From my own experience I can say that Insight is one of the best tools I have come across, and I recommend it to everyone, and I mean everyone— including children, teens and adults. Insight continually gives me, again and again, clarity and direction, not by searching outside, but by reminding me constantly to look within and trust my heart… and, for that I am forever thankful.

WARNING! Be ready to experience a freedom that is so sweet and liberating that it might shift the way you choose to live your life.

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