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Divine Peace, Divine Health with the Travelers at the MSIA Minister’s Meeting at Conference 2010

John-Roger and John Morton at the MSIA Ministers Meeting Conference 2010
John-Roger and John Morton at the MSIA Ministers Meeting Conference 2010

It’s Sunday morning July 4, 2010. Peace is present as I enter the main ballroom of the Sheraton Universal Hotel where appointed ushers are strategically placed throughout the room with signs that say “Enjoy The Silence.” Our Song of Love is playing gently to attune and prepare us inwardly for the Travelers. Ministers are continuing to fill the ballroom gradually to the melodies of the sound current. The time draws near to the moment when we will begin the most exciting and enthusiastic day of Conference week. We are 900 strong from around the globe gathered in one place chanting the names of God, giving thanks and gratitude for the blessings we are so richly given.

Paul Kaye steps onto the stage and welcomes everyone. To begin, Paul invites Madhuri Morrelli to call us forward into the Light by singing Our Song of Love, followed by five minutes of chanting. Paul returns to the stage and introduces the current ministerial board, then the current elected board including alternates. Paul also acknowledges the advisory members and the executive board.

Next is a wonderful process we love. The announcements for Minister of the Year. Steve Shepherd presents the first one to Richard Price of NOW Productions. A big roar of happiness for Richard’s service. Liz Bixby takes the takes the stage to present the next award to Dr. Mary Hulnick to the tune of a very long standing ovation for Mary’s devotion for many years. Laren Bright presents the third award to Dr. Ron Hulnick. Another roar of happiness for Ron’s devoted contribution over many years.

Paul once again returns to the stage and announces the places around the world where we have ministerial communities tuning in via the Internet in Australia and South America. Also included is an announcement for John Morton’s next Webcasts on August 21st and October 23rd. NOW Productions presents a couple of great video promotions for newly released seminars by John-Roger.

Next Paul reads a quote from the new book “Spiritual Principles of Abundance and Prosperity”, followed by a brief chat on the magnificent job NOW Productions is doing keeping up with current technology. Then Paul lead us in a seeding meditation.

Next is the presentation of Volunteer of the Year Awards. Three very surprised and dedicated ministers received the award this year: Sheriden DeWees, Virginia Rose, and Jaime Ramos.

Paul then welcomes John-Roger and John Morton to share with us. John first makes the announcement that J-R and Paul Kaye’s book, Living the Spiritual Principles of Health and Well-Being is on sale now at John briefly talks about the book and the importance of good health and taking good care of ourselves. John then moves into an invocation that is present with him to share with us, followed by chanting. The energy in the room is amazing. I open my eyes for a few minutes to see the absolute preciousness of John gently holding J-R’s hand, and J-R sweetly receiving with his eyes still closed. Tears come streaming out of my eyes in gratitude for this very sacred moment of peace.

John pauses and we enjoy a few more sacred and quiet moments as Spirit moves gently through the room. John does a blessing followed by Baruch Bashan. We are truly blessed.

3 thoughts on “Divine Peace, Divine Health with the Travelers at the MSIA Minister’s Meeting at Conference 2010”

  1. Thank you Ania for writing this – the loving and sweetness and essence of the meeting really came through. Means a lot for me since I could not be there in person this year – this gives me a taste and a good segway into some SE’s… We Love You, God Bless You!

  2. Thank you for this beautiful report. I caught the Spirit present though I was not there “in person”. My heart now feels a little warmer, which on a hot day is saying something. But it is another kind of warmth.

    Love and blessings to us all,

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