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“The Blessings Already Are” Author, John Morton, Visits Texas

Article imageThe Blessings overflowed into El Paso, as the crowds flocked into the local Barnes and Noble Bookstore. It was so crowded that there was barely even standing room!!! It was a wonderful event, full of energy and joy. There was press coverage of the event, including newspaper coverage and an interview after the booksigning by Univision 26. John was also a guest on the ABC affiliate TV station KVIA, appearing on their show “Good Morning El Paso”. After the live appearance, John taped a segment for a later showing on KVIA. It is truly a blessing to share goodness through so many mediums.

At Barnes and Noble Bookstore, it was fabulous to see the audience participation. One participant, in an expression of joy and gratitude, shared of her experience with cancer. In a great demonstration of loving she spoke of her process in coming to love the cancer cells in her body. She took her hat off, showing that she had no hair. One of the blessings of having no hair, she commented, was that it took less time to get ready (which she and others had a nice laugh at). John pointed out that this is an example of the blessings of life and of loving.

John shared a story of his past, during a time when his girlfriend left him rather abruptly. He described how he found a place inside of himself where he could love her regardless. He realized that if he truly loved her, then he would celebrate her having what she wanted. He still experienced the hurt and upset, yet he evoked the loving which is unconditional. This is a true blessing of God: unconditional loving.

John spoke of how focusing on the pain doesn’t help the pain. In these times it is good to find an upward energy (such as singing or humor). And at times when you are lost, an excellent way to find God right where you are is gratitude. Gratitude is another of the great blessings.

That the Blessings are being shared is truly worthy of great-fullness! Onward and Upward…..

June 3rd

The next stop of the “Blessings train” was the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. John Morton, author of “The Blessings Already Are,” along with his support team (including #1 bestselling author John-Roger) were greeted in Austin by friendly locals and a warm sunshiny day. A perfect setting to share the Blessings….

John-Roger began the afternoon talk sharing a story from his childhood. In this story, he described how his mother would flip through the bible and choose a random page to read from each day. Then, in much the same way that his mother did, J-R ran his finger through “The Blessings Already Are” and randomly stopped at page 143 which reads:

“We may need to abandon our previous standards of loving that are bound by our comforts, our morality, our beliefs, or whatever else keeps us from freely loving. As we practice our spirituality, we are bound to learn how to move past standards of loving that are limited by separation, prejudice, and fear.

Loving is God’s way. When loving makes itself known to us, we are to follow with abandon and to do so boldly, without reservation.”

A wonderful way to introduce the man who wrote those words: John Morton.

John shared the blessings of prosperity, abundance and the sharing of wealth. He explained that one of the ways to share the wealth is to up the standards. In his loving words, he charged all present as angels: that we are to value ourselves, all of us having the consciousness of the angels. The angels listening to John caught a hold of the blessings, and SOLD OUT the store’s 72 Blessings books.

I say Blessings, you say Are. Blessings, Are. Blessings, Are. YEAH!!!! Cheerleading the blessings around the country.

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