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Lift And Be Lifted

Article imageWhenever we relate to anything in this world from the consciousness of our Soul, we find a constant opportunity to lift and be lifted. These opportunities are available regardless of any outward conditions or circumstances. It doesn’t matter what human factors or past actions are involved. There is no tragedy in the Soul’s existance.

Your Soul is never diminished. It is never broken. It is never handicapped or sick. It does not die. The Soul thrives entirely, and it thrives on everything in life. From the Soul’s perspective, you are never given anything you cannot handle. From a human perspective, it seems that we are constantly given things we cannot handle or do not know what to do with.

Our response to the conditions of life may be very dysfunctional, and yet the Soul is always thriving , using everything for our learning, growth and upliftment. It just devours life. That is the power of the Soul. It takes every bit of negativity and converts it into God’s love. That love is a constant blessing.

When we are not aware of this constant love and blessing, it simply means that we are “off” in how we are viewing life. What may be required is something referred to as “altitude.” That means we must lift our consciousness to see situations from a more elevated perspective.

My daughter and I were at a science exhibit that had a hands-on game using magnets and metals. Part of the game was to place various pieces of metal between two magnets in such a way that the metal would not be pulled to one of the magnets. As we experimented, we were having a hard time with it.

Rather than trying to fit the metal pieces in on the same horizontal plane as the magnets, it occured to me to try coming in from above and dropping the metal into the magnetic field. It worked. I can’t tell you why that worked or pretend to understand the physics of why coming in vertically worked in the magnetic field. I was simply trying something different.

I sensed that there was something in the instructions of the exhibit that was like giving an intention. It seemed that there must be a way to do it. As it turned out, one of the metals was aluminum, which is not magnetic. I thought that might be the learning point of the exhibit, that while most metals are magnetic and will be pulled in a magnetic field, aluminum is not magnetic and can move between magnets without being effected.

The Soul is a state of liberation. In life, we have children or we do not. They survive or they do not. They are sick or healthy. Regardless, the Soul is partaking in it all from a counsciouness of receiving value and learning.

People who have participated in battles and wars are often very reluctant to talk about their experiences. The severity of the experience can be like the magnetic field. If you start to think about deeply troubling experiences, they can catch you and put you back into something more severe. War, for example, is hell and many people will work to keep those experiences out of their thinking.

Every now and then, you will hear someone say something to the effect of how valuable an experience like war can be. While they may never want to repeat it, they can explain that what they learned was invaluable. There may never have been anything more valuable or more difficult in their lives.

Whenever we are experiencing adversity—from the tiniest mosquito bite to something that rips our arm off—there is always the opportunity to realize the value of the situation. The Soul is always asking how it can use any circumstance for learning and growth. When we are dealing with something impactful that throws us out of balance (which can result in sadness, confusion, anger, etc.), that is not a good time to be making major life decisions. It is a time to rebalance and clear the consciousness.

It is a good idea to sit down and take time to clear yourself on a daily basis. This can work just because you are willing to quiet yourself. You don’t need to be aware of any blessing or spiritual awakening. There is value in simply quieting yourself. There is also value in what is unseen and unheard in the quieting, because the Soul always has the intention to get to God. The Soul wants to partner up and infuse with God. Even if we don’t know what that is, it is enough to know that that is worthwhile. It is valuable to set that as our intention.

There is something we all can look forward to. We will, at some point, disengage from everything. We are not our personality, or what our body did, or our history. It is like the stages of a rocket all letting go. Even as you are in the vehicle, you realize you are not the vehicle, not your hands or your body. What are you? What you are is so intangible that it is everything.

What you make of your life really is for you to decide. Choices are freely presented to you, such as children, marriage, where you live and what you do. When things don’t seem to work out, you might want to consider that your best intentions may not have been so great. If you were to look at it from a more distant, neutral perspective you might see that some things you entered into really were not for the best and that you created some things for yourself that you didn’t need.

The Soul carries the very best intention which is for the highest good of all concerned. That translates to taking into consideration all things. We may not have any idea what that is, but we can know enough to realize that is what we truly want. We can articulate that and then give it up to the One who knows: God.

Do we then just sit around doing nothing, waiting for the highest good to happen? It does not work that way. Something will move us and we will be called upon to choose and to respond. We will each have the opportunity to choose amongst the choices presented to us and consider what is best.

Everybody really is doing the best that they can. Does that mean they are doing the highest good for all concerned? Who is really capable of that? So then, what are we doing? We are all doing the best we can given the circumstances we are in, given what we realize and what we are conscious of. That is why there is no condemnation from Spirit. It is understood that everyone is doing the best that they can. If they knew better, they would do better.

One of the best ways to make yourself available to better choices is to not assume things—like that you know consciously what is best. A better assumption may be that you do not know, but that you are available and ready to cooperate with the best choice. You may have to be ready to change your mind and your direction to be more in accordance with what is best. That requires an inner dedication rather than an outer one.

Outward manifestations can line up magnificently with an inner dedication. What takes place outwardly can be aligned with what is going on inwardly and yet it still will not measure up. It is beautifully expressed in the Bible: “Greater is He within you than he that is in the world.” Keep your loyalty inside and it will never let you down. When you place your loyalty outside, it will let you down every time.

Your loyalty is not designed for this world. This world will betray you. That is good news. The message of the world is: “This is not your world. This is not a place for you. As soon as you try to make your life complete in this world, the world is going to let you down.” When the world delivers this message to you, don’t feel picked on. Be grateful for the reminder. It is there to lift you. Go inside, to the real world, where your Soul awaits you.

Baruch Bashan,

John Morton

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