Attuning To The Light

By: John-Roger DSS

October 10th, 2016

Attuning To The Light

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, 1988.

Everything on this physical realm is designed to help you fulfill your practical spirituality. The great “master court jester” set this world up so you could have a lot of fun and enjoy all the kingdom on the way through. It’s very much like a big circus, a circus with five billion rings where every day can be a comedy of errors. The mistakes you make are not really mistakes. They may be errors in consciousness. But if you say you are depressed, you do not say what is true. You are not depressed, although it may feel that way. If you say you are ill, you speak from an error in consciousness. You are not ill, though your body may be experiencing a disease. It is important that you use words more precisely all the time and do not lock false identifications into your consciousness.

It is important to keep yourself flowing with the current of life. The nature of the lower worlds is change. It’s wise not to resist change. In fact, you can just gather yourself up in the energy of the Light and flow with whatever changes come your way. It can be difficult to stand still in a swiftly flowing river, and it can be impossible to move against the current. But if you let yourself flow with the current, you can direct yourself to one side of the river or the other and find that you can move safely through it.

Sometimes the only thing that is necessary on the physical level is just to hold your consciousness steady as you go through your experiences. Sometimes all that is necessary is to drive the car safely or do your job well or be honest in your communication. You don’t have to indulge in the thoughts or the feelings or the great inner meanings of these actions. You just do them.

You monitor your body so it doesn’t get in any trouble area, physically. You monitor your emotions so they don’t get attached to this level. You monitor your mind so it doesn’t create thought forms that will come back to you on an emotional or physical level. And you just walk your body through the experiences of this realm. That’s practical spirituality.

If you’re in turmoil and torment and pain, be honest. Recognize that you are there. There’s nothing wrong with that. When you recognize that you are in torment, you can then look for a solution. If you say, “There is no torment,” you’re not going to find a solution. That’s playing the dummy. If someone disturbs you emotionally, look for what it is within you that is allowing the disturbance. If you say, “He doesn’t bother me at all,” but you’re gritting your teeth and tightening up your stomach muscles, you’re living a lie. It will be difficult to overcome the turmoil until you admit the reality of where you are.

If you don’t like someone, that’s okay. Be honest. You don’t have to like everyone. There are many layers of personality that surround and veil the soul. In soul, we are all one. In soul, there is only Light and love. But personalities differ tremendously. When you dislike someone, recognize that it is probably the personality you dislike, not the spiritual beingness. Maybe you don’t like the way people express or the way they part their hair or the way they walk. You are not disliking the Spirit within, but you may be disliking the way their head sits on their shoulders. Personality levels are like that. You can dislike people for the strangest reasons, and it’s okay. But don’t put your energy into your feelings. Go neutral in your consciousness towards the people you dislike. Don’t resist them; don’t give in to them; don’t enter into anything with them. Leave them alone. Just keep your Light steady and strong and send them love-from your spiritual center to theirs. Let those relationships be neutral and detached. The levels you dislike are levels of illusion, and when they are not fed and supported by emotional or mental levels of magnetic energy, they tend to dissolve. If you go neutral in your consciousness, really neutral, chances are that in a few months or years you won’t even remember anything about them or what your disturbance was about. It will simply disappear from your consciousness and from theirs.

All the levels of the lower worlds have elements of illusion within them. They also have elements of truth. It doesn’t matter what is truth and what is not, because at some point you have to get rid of everything that is an outside reference point and reach in to discover your own inner reference points. You have to work from where you are. You have to stop looking out there at artificial goals and reach inside of yourself and make things happen, make things move, make things change. You work from your inner level of harmony, from your center of Light. Then you push that out to the goal, and you have achieved your goal. You achieve the goal from the balances within you. This is part of directing the Light energy. You go within to find the Light. You may not be wired for a great Light in there, in the beginning – so it may appear to be dark as you begin to look within. To turn Light on in there, you must be persistent. You must keep going within, keep asking for the Light to illumine the way, keep focusing, keep looking.

When you approach life honestly and practically, you leave yourself open to the higher energies of Light. You bypass the lower levels and move continually towards the consciousness of Soul.

Attuning yourself to greater frequencies of Light energy can bring amazing results. The Light can heal, clear up confusion, bring in relaxation, and increase your productivity. It can do all sorts of things, when you’re attuned to it. It isn’t something you do overnight, and it isn’t something you wish for-it’s something you get busy and develop. The first thing you do is recognize that it is possible to attune yourself to these energies of Light. Everyone does it to some degree or another. Some people do it more effectively than others, for longer periods of time, and more consciously. That’s what you’re working for, and your success will be demonstrated by your ability to do. Your answer will be empirical evidence.

When you are attuned to the energy of Light, your attitude will be positive and you will be successfully accomplishing those things that are necessary or important to you.

Baruch Bashan.

-John-Roger, DSS

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