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Reaching into Spirit


This is an excerpt from John-Roger’s book entitled Living Love from the Spiritual Heart.

You reach into Spirit by building the strength of Spirit through spiritual exercises. And the only way you can have the experience, the transcendental knowledge, is to have a spiritual transport that can move you from this physical level into the spiritual realms. This spiritual transport has three parts: the first is love, the second is devotion, and the third is the Mystical Traveler. You travel by way of the Sound Current, the supreme energy force, which is also known as the Holy Spirit, the Unstruck Melodies of Spirit, or God’s Unspoken Voice. You ride the Sound Current back through the formlessness into the heart of God.

When you’re doing spiritual exercises, you hear the Sound and follow it, but if you don’t also have the Light, you may stumble and fall. So you bring in the Light to see better. You also need love because that is the motivation to keep going. So you need the Light and Sound and love.

Spiritual exercises are a manifestation of loving, your loving of Spirit and God, and God’s loving of you. When you chant your initiation tone, you are singing the song of loving that has been sung by the saints and sages of all time. It’s a joyful process. Doing spiritual exercises can also bring you the same experiences as those of a mystic; chanting your initiation tone can bring you the realizations that will rip the veil between this mundane world and the experience of the heart of God.

As you chant the names of God, as you live from a loving place, and as you maintain those practices no matter what, you find that the Beloved starts appearing inside of you, as you. You find yourself becoming the Promised One. The Beloved lives for you, in you, as you. It’s not designed for this world. As you live within that spiritual form, you may find that the world shifts for you, but it will be more through your perception of it and participation in it rather than from anything outside yourself.

When you are devoted to the Sound and the Light, you are devoted to that consciousness which is the Traveler, you are devoted to yourself, and you are devoted to each other. And when you are working with the Traveler, all things unfold in their right and proper timing. You can assist by loving yourself every step of the way, by doing your spiritual exercises to gain a greater perspective on what you are experiencing, by loving the people around you and treating them with kindness, and by living with integrity and honesty.

When you live in the love of the Traveler, it is not necessary to sacrifice the mind, give up the desires, or eliminate the self, because that has already been done. It is over, and now you need only live joyfully and in harmony with your true nature. You can become the spiritual one for whom you have been waiting. All that has been promised to you is here and now. Some people are waiting for a good time sometime in the future, but it can be right here, right now. The good time is present, here and now, because the love is present.

What matters, in each and every moment, is that you are loving. Be loving to yourself and to others. When you are doing that in the reality of each moment, all dilemmas will fall into line, and you will begin attuning yourself to the greater love that is the love of the Traveler. The first step is to be loving.

My love is always with you. Use it to lift and sustain yourself until you know your own divinity.

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  1. Such incredible Spiritual keys for us to use….we have that to look forward to!! If only we take the time, devotion, courage of heart to become masterful, will we evolve. Thank you Traveler!! Thank you.

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