What are the Greatest Blessings in Your Life Right Now?

By: John Morton DSS

January 25th, 2008

What are the Greatest Blessings in Your Life Right Now?

Article imageThe blessings are always present even when we don’t realize they are present, which in my estimation is most of the time. As much as we can consider right now, “Oh yes, I know about the blessings. I’m aware of the blessings,” there’s much more to go. Until that moment when we can fully experience loving, caring and sharing, health, wealth and happiness, abundance, riches, prosperity and the connectedness that touches to all people and things, we have a ways to go.

Like you, I work out in the world. I consider that the world reflects to us that we have a ways to go to be fully aware of the blessings present. So consider that, regardless of what’s reflected to you, the blessings are present. They’re active, and they’re waiting for us to activate them in full. We all have a responsibility to choose into the blessings.

What are the blessings? The blessings can be as simple as, “I’m alive. I’m breathing. I have shoes. I have a shirt. I have people I care about who care about me.”

What are the greatest blessings in your life right now? Can you make a list of fifty blessings? Do you find something enter into your awareness that doesn’t appear to you as a blessing? Pay attention especially to anything that you would not put on your list as a blessing. Be careful what you judge as something other than a blessing in your life.

You play a role in asking for the blessings. You also play a role in allowing and receiving the blessings. So be open and prepare to receive the blessings that already are.

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Thanking you in advance Beloved John for helping me to remain open to receive the blessings that already are. Your loving presence blesses my life in all ways and forever and ever. With all my gratitude.