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What is Meant by “Intercessory Work”?

Article imageQuestion: What is meant by “intercessory work”?

Answer: Intercessory means direct. Each of us has a personal, direct and sacred relationship to God. We don’t need an intercessory to get with God. It’s a direct relationship.

There are those who act as interpreters, messengers, emissaries, prophets, teachers, examples, or demonstrations of our relationship with God. So what we may experience is that there is a lot of assistance available to us. You can call them angels or spiritual or ascended masters, if you like.

To do intercessory work, there must be an invitation or request from the level in which it works. An intercessory does not interfere with the Creation. There is no violation when an intercessory intercedes. Intercessory work is permitted only if the one doing the work does not interfere in the learning and growing of another.

In truth, intercessory work is done from above, from the knowledge of what would be the perfect state as it applies to a current state. So intercessory work is really about connecting a higher state to a current state. It is a matching up. When it’s done completely, it’s as if nothing ever happened.

We all have the opportunity to do Light intercessory work, which is to allow ourselves to be like a battery, or transmission, for a Light action. There’s not really much you have to do other than be open to the Light. Always ask for the Light to surround, protect and fill you first. Ask that only that which is for the highest good of all concerned be allowed. Clear yourself so that any negativity that might come through, as an instrument of the Light action, doesn’t stay with you. This Light is at a higher rate than what we would do on a personal level. So we ask ourselves to be open to increase our consciousness, knowing the Light may work through us in ways that we do not understand or are not fully aware.

When we allow ourselves to serve as an intercessory in a Light action, we’re not really personally involved. If we were personally involved, in spite of our best intentions, we would tend to interfere. So it’s important to be neutral, to let go and let God.

Remember, there is no one and no thing between you and God.

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  1. Wow, nice to be reminded that there are spiritual beings working on my behalf for my highest good, and all I have to do is be open.

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