The Happiness of the Soul

By: John-Roger DSS

July 19th, 2017

The Happiness of the Soul


This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, July 1985

Happiness is a common denominator that seems to be inside of everyone. The quest for happiness is eternal and something we all look for, yet it seems to be one of the most elusive qualities. The very nature of who we are, the Soul, is happiness. However, the true self has been beguiled by the world and we have begun searching in the world for our happiness.

The game of this particular level is to realize that happiness is inherent within the consciousness of the Soul, and can only be perceived by traveling the inner path, the path of meditation. If the mind becomes calm, the emotions may stabilize. If the emotions stabilize, there will be less pressure upon the body.

The literatures of spirit say man is to have joy and have it more abundantly. It did not say man was to have pleasure and fulfillment through sensual activities. Joy is inherent within the Soul. When we have joy, this happiness rises up inside of us. Then no matter what you do in the world, what you say or what you become, it does not disturb this center of calm and happiness. Therein lies our fulfillment for being on this level.

If we take this inner joy, this light that is inherent within us and use it for our highest consciousness, this will radiate and be seen. When it is seen, it attracts others of light.

A Soul does not form and become controlled. The Soul is happiness and joy. As we seek for greater spiritual upliftment, we break away from the pull of the world. We begin to walk a different path and hear a different rhythm. Others may think we are weird and peculiar, and maybe we are. But we’re forming together and there are many of us who see a similar Light, sensing the same type of oneness. There is one consciousness, one Light and one God, but there are many manifestations of it. And that is what we respect in mankind.

The personality is difficult to respect, because it does some very unusual things. But when we can bypass the personality and reach into the oneness, we have bypassed ourselves and reached into that which is. When we have happiness and joy, we have love.

The eyes see the surface; love sees through the heart. The eyes betray, but the heart fulfills itself. When we see through the heart, it is blind to the trivia of the personality. It goes into the depth of who we are and starts breathing in rhythm with the universal heartbeat. Then joy wells up within us. If we attempt to grab hold of it, it slips through our fingers because the Soul cannot be grasped on this level.

When a man has found the power within the consciousness of the Soul, that power will transcend the world, because that is the power of the supreme generator of light and love. It is not a reflected power that is seen out here by the vision, it is the power of knowing, the power of being. When we are in the state of joy, in the state of happiness, we are in Soul consciousness.

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Well first of all I am mexicaine and explaining myself in English is a bit complex.
I can resume JR 1985 article
As a stoic living. Some elements I see present:
1.- imperturbable
2.- inalterable
3.- impasible
4.- strong, subtle
5.- moderate

And finally the most important element
Love, the inexplicable element.

Fascinating article

Monica Mestre