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The Process of Mastery


This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, November 1987

About the time you move into the consciousness of service, you start realizing that the first thing you have to do is TO LOVE.

When you love, you don’t look at anything as being a burden or a sacrifice, and you may not be overly concerned about the truth. And when you love, you’re in an area of faith all the time, the living faith which is demonstrated continually. In love you don’t even have to use the intelligence. Through divine love you will see all things in proper perspective, and you use your will only to recognize it. Your love becomes devotion, “I love you. God bless you.” You can even bypass the area of discipline and enter directly into the area of divine service to become part of the living free.

The quality of divine love sustains, holds and supplies you with all things. It comes in as a great rhythm and movement and fills your cup to overflowing. Love floods through you, and all you can think of doing is demonstrating it. So you say, “Father, I’d like to be of greater service. Here are my abilities, my talents, my life expressions. Do with them what you want.” Life smooths out, and you start having such a good time that you say, “Is this all there is to it? It’s so easy; it’s so free!”


Then along comes someone who plays a different tune and marches to a different drummer. You meet one who ascends to Spirit and who also touches back to this planet with a master Light energy. At that point, you either meet a Master, become a Master, or enter into masterful expression.

You experience the blessings and the grace of God as a direct line, a direct link, a direct connection into your consciousness.

As you meet a spiritual Master, you are known through his consciousness into the Godhead. Everything you say to the Master flows into the universe, and the things you do in the name of the Light flood to those other universes and are recorded in Spirit. The joy within you sustains you here as it takes you higher, deeper, and into even greater fulfillment.

All you’ve worked for over the years comes into culmination; you enter the Master’s path. The karmic burdens which have confined you to these lower levels are rapidly dissolved. They may even be changed from a debit to a credit, so that most of the things you have done become a credit to your existence.

Your “sins” are now transformed into the positive stepping stones of experience, and you find yourself lifting into greater and greater awareness of Spirit. The way opens and unfolds, the way that has always been prepared for you. You just have to walk it, just be it and be open. And you love with a whole different quality. As you lose the personal love you’ve felt for special people, you enter into a greater impersonal love which loves everyone perfectly and never interferes.

Many people, when they look upon a Master, experience the Darshan, which is an immediate elevation of consciousness. Some people may look upon a Master but are not allowed to see the greater Light because they have many things yet to work through. They can, in a sense, live right next door to a Master of Light and never know it until the Master shows himself in spiritual reality.

There are many Masters of Light on the planet. There are very few that can give you the keys to your own Soul development.

Each person has to decide how they’re going to awaken themselves to Spirit. You will awaken. There is no question about that.

When you awaken is your choice. Spirit does not push or urge. You could embody back on this planet ten million times, and it all takes place right now as far as Spirit is concerned.

That’s why it is perfect. That’s why there are really no catastrophes or disasters. There is only man’s interpretation of events, and how you choose to interpret them helps determine how you act toward them.

When you enter onto a Master’s path, either you master it or it masters you. There is no neutral ground. A lot of people have said, “Oh, I would like to be a Master.” And I say, “That’s fine. It’s a very commendable idea. Do you know what it represents?” They may think they won’t have to do anything anymore. But as long as you are in a physical body, you have to stay masterful; you have to continually hold to the iron rod of your own beingness because you can move off the Master’s path.


What would be the qualities of moving off the Master’s path? The love changes and becomes a controlling love, which expresses, “Do what I want you to do.” Even as you say, “I don’t care what you do; you can do what you want, ” something inside you says, “But not that.” You will feel it. Your loved one’s expression becomes a burden and an oppression to you, and you say, “Leave me alone. Just go away.” Then, rather than living in an attitude of service, you find yourself saying, “You’ve become a burden to me. You’re my yoke, my ball and chain.” Then your idea of discipline shifts, and you say, ”I’m going to do just as I please; just leave me alone, and don’t go checking on me because what I do is none of your business. If I feel like I want to go down and get drunk, I’m going to do it.” Then the idea of devotion changes, and you find out you’re really devoted to nothing, not even yourself. Then your will comes in, and you say, “I will not do that, and I don’t want you to do it either.” And you know right then and there that you are off the Master’s path. You can feel it slip. Your intelligence becomes mentalizing: “But you said; I heard you say…” Your creativity becomes destructive.

You say, “That’s no good. That’s terrible. Why bother?” You may try to block the faith of another person to hurt them, to make them lose the vision of who they are. And you sacrifice everybody else to your ego-emotional point of view. Even the truth becomes an illusion, and you try to get away with all you can. At this particular point, truth eludes you and you step back into the illusion of re-embodiment. The path is pretty clear. The rungs of the ladder you ascend are the same rungs on which you descend.

There is room at the top because a lot of people get there and go back down the other side.

As long as you reside in your physical body, you must continually exercise your living-free consciousness. You can choose whatever you choose, go wherever you go, and do whatever you do. It’s important to allow everyone else that same freedom of expression.

The process of mastering — expressing, refining, and perfecting — is continuous. The choice of following the upward path or the downward path presents itself to you many, many times each day. You get the chance to choose for Spirit or for worldly concerns.

When you demonstrate mastership, no one can take it away from you. You secure your position by demonstrating the consciousness of it. In the same way, no one can place you in a position of mastership if you have not earned it.

There is no way to deceive the Spirit. As you demonstrate your ability to discern truth, to sacrifice the lesser worlds for the greater Spirit, to live in faith and creativity, to make your intelligence and will useful to you, and to be devoted and disciplined in loving service to all, you have anointed yourself in mastership. Others can only reflect to you that you are there. And if you are there, of course, it does not matter what anyone else says or thinks. So ultimately it comes right back to: “To thine own Self be true.”

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  1. So grateful to have met, studied and continually practicing the teachings of John Rogers! In this short but insightful page of information I’ve gained greater clarity of where I am in my walk with Sprit. Such a blessing to have a map and a guide through the many levels of Spirit and expressions present in this world. I love you John Roger, John Morton and all of our MSIA family …

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