How Can I Know I’m on Track with My Service?

By: John Morton DSS

October 20th, 2017

How Can I Know I’m on Track with My Service?

This Q&A with John Morton was first published in the New Day Herald in October, 2011.

Question: How can I know I’m on track with my service?

John Morton: If you’re volunteering and being of service, it’s important to take care of yourself first and do those things that nurture you. Do those things that bring you into your fullness so that when you do come to serve, you are able to give of yourself and your gifts. Let’s just consider that any of your gifts is as an expression of your Light, your love, and what you have to share that is helpful. Others are also free to participate through their way of expressing their love, Light, and joy and that consciousness that brings beauty and play into serving. When that joy is your intention, you’re on purpose with service.

Bring to your service the best that you have to give. Then give of your best fully and openly. In that process you’re going to run into your ordinariness, your limitations, and where you’re growing and learning. You’ll come upon what you don’t know and don’t understand and where you judge yourself and others. There’s probably going to be a fair amount of that reflected to you from others. Whether that means it’s about them or it’s about you, is not important to sort out. It’s more important to ask, “Is this serving any purpose?” If it’s not, then let it go. That can always be done by connecting inside to that consciousness that is the Christ, that One who takes what we see as burdens, unclarity or debts and lifts them.

Our job when we serve is to let go and not look back, not tempt our self by asking or checking, “Well, did I let it go? Am I still judging myself? Are they getting it? Why don’t they get it? Why don’t they appreciate me?”

Instead, just let all that go and understand that when you come to serve and volunteer, you give of yourself. It’s something to do completely. Holding back would be judging or criticizing yourself or your service, rather than just coming to do it as best you can with loving for all.

If there is a next step for you to do in your service, hopefully, you would realize that for yourself. Sometimes, life being what it is, it reflects that to you. If we’re resistant and perhaps positioned in some way of hanging on to what’s past and no longer working, then we won’t necessarily consciously know, “Well, it’s time to move on. It’s time to do something else.” You may just have a sense that there’s something about your serving where you don’t feel the inspiration. You don’t find the clarity or you don’t find yourself full of loving energy and enthusiasm. You feel something’s lacking or missing. At those times, pay attention so that you can respond with loving for yourself and whatever is your next step in your service. Often it’s simply time for you to go and do what’s next for you. What your service in the past has been for you served its purpose, at least for now. Go do what else would serve your growth and upliftment.

You can check out your service with the people you’re working with. Ask them, “Are you getting value out of this? Is this working for you?” However, it isn’t necessary to base the value of your service on whether or not others are participating fully or even at all. It’s most important that you find yourself on purpose. That purpose can include moving into your weaknesses, which could be where you judge yourself, turn away or stop serving, and where you don’t finish or complete your intention.

There’s an aspect of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness that goes towards fulfillment of the Soul’s purpose in this world. We’re in that movement in a direct way, a no nonsense way, as much as we can, and as much as we know how. In that process there’s a partnership that goes on spiritually. It’s simply involves you doing your part as much as you can, as best you can, and being open and allowing the Spirit to match you and come in and complement and harmonize with how all this is working in upliftment.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that serving will feel comfortable, pleasant, or familiar. It won’t necessarily mean that people applaud you or give you all kinds of acknowledgment, praise, or anything like that. It may simply be that you know inside you’re on purpose. You’re in the right place at the right time.

I look at those moments when I know I’m serving in the right place at the right time as something on the order of synchronicity. I realize there’s no place else I would want to be. There’s no place that would be better for me. Whenever you find that moment of synchronicity and perfection for yourself, attune to it. Then allow your life to complement whatever’s going on physically in the world through your acceptance and cooperation.

Things that don’t work in that perfection will probably be those things you can release and let go. There’s a reason why things are not working in the perfection of what’s going on. At those times, you may realize, “I can’t be in two places at once. I can’t be all things to people. I can’t make everybody happy.” That’s good to realize. So what and where are you going to choose?

If you choose into a direction of serving and you find it’s not really working for you, the person or the situation, then just let that go. Don’t be concerned about it. But if it is working, even if you don’t yet understand it, you can move into it fully and completely with your loving and Light. It’s kind of like if we’re on a ship and some of us are in the boiler room and it’s all sweaty and noisy, but the engines are working and that’s about all we know. We don’t know if we’re on course. We don’t know if we’re about to hit an iceberg. What we do know is that the engines are working and we’re doing our part to serve what’s working in that moment.

The things in this world, the conditions, the circumstances, and the laws that man has constructed are not what you serve. They’re not what determines your life destiny. That’s inside of you. So as you attune to that perfection, you can realize if a situation is on purpose for you. You can discover if it’s fulfilling an experience that’s important for your learning and growth as a Soul in this world.

One thing I can guarantee is if you’re in a situation, there’s something being fulfilled. Each situation you’re in has purpose for you. The purpose might be that you’re done and now you’re waiting. So would you like to be of service while you’re waiting? Would you like to do for others what you’ve done for yourself? Doing so will assist you in holding and maintaining what you have created as you move towards fulfillment.

John-Roger said some time ago that “service is the highest consciousness on the planet.” How I look at that is that’s something I want. I’m striving for the highest consciousness. It rings my bell. It gets me up in the morning. It sets my agenda. So I understand that if I want to function in my highest consciousness, then I will serve. I will be of service.

Serving may be at any level that serves which can be pretty low. You may be right next to something in your service, and your way of looking at it is so beneath you and so unnecessary. Yet this opportunity to serve is presented to you. Just consider there’s a reason why that is. So if negativity comes to you, whether that’s through one person offering it to you or it comes through a legion, you still determine what sets your tone, what you answer to, and what you serve. The guidance is always within.

In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, we refer to service to the Lord, and that has a particular meaning. It has to do with One who has already fulfilled what we’re all here to do and who is still with us. We’re with the Lord, and that quality is a consciousness of service, the greatest service amongst us. So the Lord defines that for us.

If you want to be in alignment with the Lord, if you want to follow the Lord, if you want to keep your eyes on the Lord, then you’re going to be lined up and consciously involved in serving at some level. Your service may be at the lowest level where there’s no gratitude or recognition, where it seems dark. Consider that there’s nowhere you can go that the Lord does not go with you. What’s really important then to know about yourself is that you have the willingness to serve and that there’s not something that would cause you to hold back and say, “Not that, Lord. Don’t ask me that. I don’t have time for that.” Or, “This isn’t convenient. I have better things to do with my life.”

My recommendation is don’t judge yourself or a situation when there is an opportunity for you to serve. Consider that there’s perfection in all that takes place. It all fits in God’s grand plan. If you look upon it and from where you are in your consciousness realize, “That’s not for me. I don’t see that as in line with what my life is here to realize and experience,” then that’s your wit. So pay attention. And if it isn’t your wit, you’ll soon find out.

When looking at your service, remember there’s nothing you have to do. It’s your choice to serve the Lord in the ways and timing that support your spiritual growth. Since you’re here and you’re willing, you might as well make yourself useful in whatever ways that may be presented as your opportunity. Choose to serve the Lord openly and completely with the Light and loving of who you truly are as a Soul. Be glad that something good is before you and the Lord has chosen you to serve.

Baruch Bashan


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