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Ministers and Initiates Meeting
Sydney, March 2018 [with Photos]


The Traveler’s visit to Australia is usually at the beginning of autumn, and this year the ministers and initiates meeting, held at the Novotel in Sydney on Sunday, the 11th of March, was on a glorious morning, already full of the sacred buzz that awaited us. First there was an ordination, and we opened our hearts to and accepted for ourselves the blessing that was brought forward—always such an opportunity to reaffirm our own ministries and dedication to the energy we are so privileged to hold and share.

Once the doors were opened so the initiates could come in and join us, Rosemary Ferris, who was our emcee for the meeting, called us sweetly and lovingly forward into the Light. Ian Mills was next, giving us an update on what was happening with MSIA’s Aussie website ( and filling us in on the various ways we can now share the teachings—thanks, Ian!

Our well-beloved Angel then took the stage. First, a service award was presented to Roberto Rinaldi. The inscription reads, in part, “You are the quiet achiever, never seeking fanfare or recognition for the many works that you do” and goes on to mention his commitment, devotion, competence and reliability, and, I was pleased to note, “his quirky sense of humour”. Onya, Roberto! I found it so sweet that as Roberto was reluctant to leave his position behind the camera to go up to receive his award, John Morton, our Spiritual Warrior Extraordinaire, stepped forward to take over the task.

A lovely surprise followed: Judith Norfor, one of the elders in our community, was awarded the DSS. Judith was also acknowledged for all that she has done, not the least of which was holding the Light and vision to create the Masters and Doctorate programmes here, which so many of us have been blessed to participate in. Thank you, Judith—we love, honour and applaud you!

Angel then updated us about events in LA and took us through a seeding meditation. We are so blessed in so many ways and grateful for the opportunity to give back to this inexhaustible source.

Next, the beautifully effervescent Leigh Taylor-Young Morton, our favourite ambassador, gave us a thumbnail sketch of the “Heaven on Earth” tour to Italy and Spain later year, and invited Anita Maria, who had been on the 2017 Spain to give us an account of her experience, which she did with enthusiasm, whetting the appetites of those (like me) who would dearly love to be on one or more of the trips this year. Leigh also talked about the “Royal Road” workshop which we are all hoping will be held in 2020 at the same magical venue at which the PAT 8 was held just before the Sydney events. Such a smorgasbord of delights on offer, and I for one want to do it all. And, of course, that’s a possibility, because (as Leigh reminded us), it’s all about intention, right?

And then it was the moment we were all there for, the opportunity to bask in the love and wisdom of the Traveler. Try as I might, I cannot recall much of what John spoke about; suffice it to say a sweet sacredness descended on us, and when I take myself back there in my mind, all I find are a heart full of love, and grateful, joyful tears flowing again as they did then. I have spoken to several people who were there, and they have described similar experiences of not remembering, being spaced out, out of the body, etc. A great mystery, in more ways than one!

John did talk about the early years of MSIA; how so much went on that seemed negative, and that the way for us to understand the situation was to go inside and find the truth for ourselves. I think that lines up perfectly with J-R’s constant reminders to “check it out” whenever we are uncertain about something (a piece of advice I sometimes possibly take too far) and it was good to know that everything we need to know would be revealed to us.

John also called on Leigh to share her experience of being married to the Traveler—which she did with so much heartfelt love and eloquence that we were moved not just by her honesty, but also her incredible strength and resilience in the way she unassumingly supports John.

Dawn White, who remembered more of the seminar than I did, said: “In his warm, engaging and humorous way, our beloved John drew us into the most profound spiritual worlds, while also covering levels ‘down here’, current issues of the day and their spiritual implications.” She also thought that “the spiritual energies present were beyond anything in depth, profundity and the most divine love.” I do recall doing really incredible SEs in the few minutes at the end of the meeting when Rosemary asked us to stay silently in our seats and give John and Leigh their space as they left the room. That was a perfect ending for me.

So…it was an unbelievably powerful meeting, and one that we will never forget the energy of, even if some of us never remember the words.

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