Divine Essence Is in Everything [with Video]

By: John Morton, D.S.S.

May 15th, 2018

Divine Essence Is in Everything [with Video]


This article comes from a seminar John Morton gave in Rio de Janeiro on November 9, 2017. Following the article is “A Blessing of the Divine Essence” by John and a link to a video of the blessing.

Divine essence is in everything. What we do in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, which is a strange way to say it, is primarily a being experience. So in a way we reverse engineer doing. We go inside to the inner consciousness, past the psychic material nature. But if you’re still in a body, you can’t do that one hundred percent because our divine essence is past our mind and past our psychic nature and way past the material world nature.

In a way, we stop the world and we don’t quite get off – but we get off by going to the inner consciousness. If we really have the experience, we go into other dimensions of who we are. And sometimes as soon as I say something like, “We go into dimensions,” the mind’s already saying, “What are you talking about?” But if you have had the experience, you know what I’m talking about in the way you know what I’m talking about.

Let’s consider that dreams are one of the ways we do that, including day-dreams. Maybe somebody says your name and it startles you. It’s a surprise because you’re not in your body and even though someone would naturally call you by your name, it’s like a shock. Or someone comes into the room and you’re not quite ready for that. I’m describing how we would experience other dimensions of our consciousness while being in the physical body.

In the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, which is the name John-Roger, our Founder, gave to what we do, he didn’t invent it; he experienced it as something that has always been available to us to experience. We’re talking about something that has eternal nature.

When we talk about history or something like time, then it becomes conceptual, which is not eternal in nature. So we’re endeavoring to move into our highest nature – our soul nature, our divine nature, our God nature. And when we do, there’s a transformation. So we change. We even change physically, psychically. And I consider the change is always in the beneficial direction. We’re better for it. We have a higher nature as a result because it has a quality of growing. We gain awareness.

I’d like you to consider that spiritual experiences are unforgettable – even if you don’t consciously remember them, they remain with you. Some may realize, “You know, I know what you’re talking about.” It’s like, “I became a different person, but I don’t know why. I don’t know how it happened.”

In the spiritual nature, it’s always to the higher good. One of the ways John-Roger identified that is what he called “Ground Rules.” It’s guidance for spiritual beings having a physical world experience. Here are the Ground Rules for how to do that. And thankfully there are still just three Ground Rules.

First Ground Rule: Take care of yourself so you can help take care of others.

Second Ground Rule: Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t hurt others.

Third Ground Rule: Use everything for your uplifting, learning and growth.

This is very practical. But it’s also super-natural. When we follow the ground rules we can become super stars. We wake up our Light. One of the ways we refer to our divine essence is “the Light.” It’s a particular Light that is within our spiritual nature and we also refer to it as the Holy Spirit.

There are other kinds of light that look like fluorescent or maybe incandescent. There’s visible light, which if we’re considering the band of all light, is a very narrow band. There’s a lot of light that we don’t see with physical eyes. We see light as a kind of illumination. In the higher consciousness it’s also been called enlightenment. We become brighter. We also become clearer, more awake, more alert, more aware.

We don’t consider MSIA to be religious. This is not an organization that you join like members. So we don’t have things like regulations or vows or that kind of thing. We have some principles we work such as the three ground rules. But it’s not like we enforce them. It’s much more practical. When we wake up into our true, divine essence, we don’t want to hurt and we don’t want to be hurt. We become naturally loving and caring.

In Insight Seminars’ terms, our heart opens and awakens. We become more centered in living in our heart. So this means our life is super easy from now on, right? That would be nice. But it’s not my experience. In some ways it does become kinder, more tender and open, and yet meeting up with whatever goes on in this world can be very challenging.

Nevertheless, it is in our favor to be kind and loving and open. Here’s where the practical spirituality comes in. Take care of yourself. Be intelligent. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Protect yourself. Make smart decisions.

We are learning how to live in this world with divine essence awakened. It’s been my experience when you do this practice, the intelligence will come to you. You will awaken it. You’ll become wiser. Does that mean we won’t do any dumb, stupid things ever again? That would be nice. But in my experience, there’s something about being human that includes dumb and stupid. So I still do dumb and stupid things. And sometimes I’m confused like, “Why would I do such a thing? What got into me?”

And that can be fun. That’s something that we work a lot on in our seminary classes and courses – to wake up our wisdom. But by far the most powerful way to wake up our divine essence is what we call Spiritual Exercises. It is a practice of going within and going into a consciousness that transcends our psychic material nature. We can transcend the body, the emotions, the mind, and what we call the unconscious or etheric. There is more. It’s what we call the soul or the spiritual nature. And when we come into that consciously, it’s hard to describe. But it is something like ecstasy, happiness beyond description. Alleluia.

It’s something that can be a releasing of our freedom and our liberation. It may appear like we’re crazy. When some people have had these kinds of experiences they have been locked up in prison. Sometimes it was the insane asylum or the crazy house because it wasn’t normal. Or it didn’t fit with the rules or the customs of the culture because the freedom can go beyond what other people like or agree upon.

We are learning how to ground or anchor this divine essence, this experience, this energy, so we can still function. Internally we can know we are liberated and feel like we’re jumping up and down or running through the forest without clothes on. Perhaps there’s also a concern like, “Am I going to be arrested for that?” In the world, being liberated is tempered by practical spirituality. Spiritually we’re wide open and ever expanding. John-Roger called it Eternally Traveling Consciousness which is going at a higher rate – meaning accelerated. Our scientists, like those who are studying the physical universe, measuring things, measuring movements of stars and galaxies, are telling the world, “We’re accelerating.”

The Movement is expanding. So I look at this as a reflection into the higher dimensions. We’re still attempting to comprehend, “What is this reality?” And we have the opportunity to have direct experience of the divine, which is called illumination or enlightenment or being anointed in what is holy and sacred.

One of the qualities in the sacred is it can be secret, meant to be between you and your divine nature. People may not understand if you try to tell them about your experience. We can invite others to have their own direct experience. That’s what I’m doing with you. I’m sending you to direct experience.

One of the things we say in MSIA is, “Don’t believe this. You need to have the experience or find out for yourself.” The information about how that works in MSIA is available.

Then it’s often that we need to let go of our own beliefs when that’s the issue. Or we need to have the courage to have divine experience and invite it to come forward as between you and God. Then you have your own experience. You don’t need anybody to tell you what it is. You won’t necessarily understand it immediately. Like a dream, you wouldn’t necessarily understand what that dream was or be able to explain it in terms of this world. There are probably dreams right now that are as real as any experience you’ve ever had. They’re very powerful in your recall. Dreams and visions can come from the divine nature.

The divine nature is always loving and true. The divine has a quality of beauty and harmony.

That’s hard to understand when we’re in a world that has pain and suffering.

We have a practice we call Spiritual Exercise. One way we do that is by chanting “Ani-Hu”. “Hu” is a Sanskrit sacred name for God and “Ani” brings in the quality of empathy. So in chanting “Ani-Hu”, that’s calling God’s name, and coming into the sacred frequency. “What do you mean sacred frequency?” It vibrates into the soul. “How does it do that?” Because the soul consciousness vibrates to “Ani-Hu” and the initiatory tone.

You might want to consider that when it’s said, “Do all things in my name, or in the name,” [Colossians 3:17] in the nam – that Sanskrit word saying – It’s in the holy vibration, that we would be taken into that experience. And we need to have this in the spiritual light. That’s part of it. So we could also call that the light of the Christ, the Holy Spirit. Then that’s the protection that’s needed when you do this practice.

John-Roger gave a name to a consciousness called the Traveler, the Mystical Traveler, Mystical Traveler Consciousness. It’s a conductor of divine awakening. It’s also a wayshower. So it’s a consciousness that is the way. So let’s consider that when Jesus said, “I am the way,” he was speaking as a Mystical Traveler in that consciousness.

“Where does it say that in the Bible?” Well, let’s consider not everything was written in the Bible. I know some people want to argue with me as soon as I say something like that. But I’d say check it out. Don’t believe me. Just find out. There are a number of us who have a responsibility to help you.

Can people have these experiences if they’re Roman Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Buddhist, Hindu? I sure hope so. There’s no reason not to if you’re willing to be awakened spiritually.

I’m going to do what I refer to as a blessing. And it’s more correct for me to say, “I’m just going to speak to the blessing that’s present.” So you may say, “I’m already blessed.” Would you be willing to be blessed even more? Alright, here we go.


Dear Lord,
We welcome You into our midst here, that we are those who have gathered here in Your name, that name which is the holy truth and the loving of all. And in Your Light, You come into each one in the consciousness of the soul, in the consciousness that serves the highest good of all concerned. And first You just lift what is not necessary. You clear away anything that bothers or is a burden. So whatever can assist anyone in their healing, in their balance, in clearing the way for the higher good to come forth. And in this moment, to anyone who is open, You present yourself as the presence of the inner master. It’s that consciousness that is a beloved friend, a companion all along the way, and one who knows the way. That’s the wayshower. So however this is taking place is the greater blessing. Let us be awakened in Your wisdom, Your grace, and the understanding that all things work towards greater good. In this is great peace and tranquility, and the joy that is in every child, the joy of being alive in the beautiful consciousness. As it is in heaven, it can be present in this world. We thank You for this presence.

Baruch Bashan

NOTE: You might be interested in the book Divine Essence written by John-Roger, Practicing the Divine Presence, a meditation by John-Roger, or Choosing into the Divine Presence with John-Roger and John Morton, a bi-lingual audio-video package. All of these are available through the MSIA Store a msia.org/store.

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