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Heaven On Earth Tour 2018 | Zermatt, Switzerland | Day 4


“My job is to awaken the soul into the soul realm, so you can have heaven while you’re on earth.” John-Roger, DSS.


Zermatt, Switzerland | Day 4 | September 18

This morning our bags are packed, we check out of the Mont Blanc hotel and head into the town of Zermatt. We depart on the bus, on time, 8 am sharp to head to the Tasch railway train station for a ride into Zermatt. Zermatt is a mountain resort renowned for skiing, climbing, and hiking. The town lies below the iconic Matterhorn peak. Zermatt looks like it came right out of a storybook. The town is filled with romantic larch wood trees and is a car-free town! In 1891 the Visp-Matterhorn line was opened up and the valley communities who once lived off of the land for centuries would now look to tourism to sustain themselves in the long term. The Zermatt railway brought prosperity to the people of Zermatt.

We arrive in Zermatt, Switzerland and drop off our bags at the hotel and head straight to the Kelin Matterhorn Gondola’s, to a glacier paradise! Many times we change the cable cars on our way up to reach the top which is approximately 12,739 feet. The views are spectacular of the highest mountains in Italy, France and Switzerland! At the top are indoor and outdoor viewing platforms, a restaurant and shop, a lounge to view mountaineering videos, and the glacier paradise lodge.

John gathers us together to call in the Light and plant a column of Light. The energy sweetly and gently permeates all around us and throughout this glorious and majestic mountain, we stand upon.

The last car down the mountain is 4:15 pm. Some stay to the final minute before departing this majestic mountaintop.

Many of us stroll back to the hotel through the most charming town of Zermatt. We are staying at the Mont Cervin Palace Hotel. Each room has it’s own unique charm reflecting the beauty of Switzerland. As we head to the hotel we walk through main street to be treated by a fair that happens every 6 months and is full of old world charm, vendors and friendly smiles. Main street itself if full of boutiques, restaurants, and hotels. The town looks like it was built based on a fairy tale book. The evening is free to unpack and grab a bite to eat and get a good nights rest. Heaven on Earth is here and now as we gather in oneness with the Beloved.

In Loving Service,
Love and Light Julie


Touring Videos Day 4


Touring Photos by David Sand



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  1. Thank you so very much, David and Julie, for the magnificent photo’s and comments that make me feel as if I am physically on the trip with you. And I can see why souls might choose to spend a very long time in the upper astral! Love and Light to All 🙂

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