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The Power of Tracking: Comments After 20 Years of Tracking in MSIA


2018 is my 20th year of tracking in MSIA more or less continuously. I love to hear other trackers share. Here’s my sharing.

For a decade or two, approximately 1975-1995, through the back pages in the now-extinct square-bound Discourse booklets, J-R was encouraging MSIAers to track. Each month’s booklet had 30 pages of the same form. Each form was for one day. Each page had about 300 little boxes, about 5 millimeters by 10 millimeters. Space was provided for each line of boxes to have its own title. Each horizontal line of boxes was for the student to track one or more behaviors on a daily basis. The form permitted tracking multiple behavior “targets” each month. Any bad habit was fair game.

I remember staring at the pages of boxes over and over, feeling bewildered. I did try tracking using these pages a few times but never stuck with it.

In the 1997 Doctor of Spiritual Science (DSS) pilot class, tracking was presented clearly enough that I could get on board. DSS pilot students were also paying for the privilege of the class. Somehow motivation came together for MSIA students to start tracking.

I recall a couple of early discernments:

  • I could track something UP — “turn UP the volume” on habits and qualities I wished more of, for my highest good.
  • Or I could track an unwanted target behavior DOWN, towards extinction.
  • I could make either an inner quality or an external behavior my target.
  • I could track an inner connection or quality I wished more or less of. I could track an outer behavior/habit I wished more or less of. In this way I could use tracking to take healthy dominion over my Habit Body.
  • I could use tracking to take healthy dominion over both my Inner Game of Life and Outer Game of Life.

Looking back over 20 years, how do I view tracking as a spiritual exercise or, at least, a personal growth exercise? I think we underestimate its effectiveness. Tracking is beneficial. It mobilizes intention towards healing and wholeness.

If you don’t think simply focusing attention and intention on an issue can make a difference, well, I’d like to introduce you to a few hundred DSS and MSS (Master of Spiritual Science) students who can tell you a different story.

Anyone tracking even one unresolved item towards wholeness is likely to make patient, gradual progress and I celebrate this.

I accept in my Outer Game of Life, my Soul abilities are weakest. I also accept, in my Inner Game of Life, my attention and intention are two of my most powerful Soul capacities.  So I employ them often.

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